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Why Second Opinion QB, and why now?

Lately we’ve been having a lot of conversations with people that start with: “What do you think about…?,” (pick a QB topic) quickly followed by the reply: “What? I hadn’t heard about that.” Most QBers have a good dose of civic pride, a desire to protect the things they love about the community, and a recognition that we are not yet all we could or should be, but many residents are starved of accurate, timely, objective information.

To be engaged in sustaining and enriching our community, we first need to be informed. We need to know what’s going on, what are the competing interests, what are the threats, what are our opportunities. One colleague suggested what Qualicum Beach really needs is a good newspaper. I think she said it with tongue in cheek, but she did plant a seed. It is spring; it has sprouted; here we are.

Second Opinion QB is our attempt to provide a second source of news and views relevant to Qualicum Beach, to inform residents, to stimulate healthy, respectful discussion and debate, and to motivate readers to engage in the stewardship of our Town.

LJ (Lois) Sampson, Editor and Publisher


Barry Blair, outdoor recreation and safety

Alan Cassels, healthcare

Rachel Enns, community engagement

Deborah Freeman, nature and wildlife photography

Judith Kemp, community engagement

Errol Miller, transportation

Kevin Monahan, community planning

Lance Nater, community engagement

Graham Riches, social justice

Gil Sampson, copy editor and lead civic affairs reporter

David Todtman, civic affairs