BREAKERS: Anti-mask doctors – RDN Rent Bank – larger Council requested

BREAKERS – timely tidbits and follow-ups to previously published stories:

  • Local chiropractor’s medical mask exemption provided by doctor who spoke at anti-mask rally
  • Request for additional QB Councillors
  • French Press doubles indoor dining!
  • First ever Rent Bank launches in the RDN
  • Fabulous family voices in a COVID parody of Total Eclipse of the Heart
  • Snow and ice left on Town Hall steps and fountain

Local chiropractor’s medical mask exemption provided by doctor who spoke at anti-mask rally

BREAKING NEWS: In our recent story about a complaint filed with the BC College of Chiropractors against local chiropractor Dr. Thelma Zee, RCMP, BC Health ignore COVID violations by health practitioners, we noted that Dr. Zee had recently provided a response to the complaint submitted by QB resident, Susan Blacklin. Blacklin alleges in her complaint that Dr. Zee refused to wear a mask, and claimed to have been an organizer of a gathering of about 150 people at Coombs in November 2020 that the RCMP were called to disperse. In Dr. Zee’s response to Blacklin’s College complaint, she denies all of Blacklin’s allegations and claims to have a medical condition that prevents her from wearing a mask. Zee provided a letter from a physician, a Dr. Stephen Malthouse of Denman Island, supporting her claim of being unable to wear a mask.

CBC has just reported that Dr. Stephen Malthouse is an anti-mask and anti-vaccine advocate, and is scheduled to speak at an anti-mask and anti-vaccine demonstration to be held in Vancouver on February 20, 2021. Dr. Malthouse also spoke at a rally in Duncan, BC in November 2020 where he referred to the “so-called pandemic.”

Request for additional QB Councillors  

In a letter to Councillor Teunis Westbroek dated February 18, 2021, the Qualicum Beach Residents’ Association is urging the current QB Council to increase the number of Councillors from four to six, as is the norm in BC for municipalities of our size. We note that Councillor Westbroek has included a Notion of Motion on the February 24, 2021 Regular Council Meeting agenda that, if passed, would, during the 2021 by-election to fill the vacant Councillor position on Council, include a referendum question on the ballot regarding increasing the size of the Council from four Councillors to six, beginning with the municipal election in October 2022.

French Press doubles indoor dining!

We happened upon French Press on February 9, 2021 on the first day they opened their newly expanded premises at 692 Primrose Street in QB, doubling the size of their indoor café! It’s bright, airy and spacious, and still serving their delicious fare and award-winning in-house roasted coffee.

The newly expanded French Press in Qualicum Beach, BC.

First ever Rent Bank launches in the RDN

A February 11, 2021 news release from the City of Nanaimo announced the recent launch of the Nanaimo Regional Rent Bank, accessible by residents across the Regional District of Nanaimo, including of course Qualicum Beach.

A rent bank provides financial assistance in the form of a repayable loan, to households at risk of eviction for reasons such as non-payment of rent or utilities. Most individuals who receive a rent bank loan do not qualify for traditional loans from banks, due to a poor credit score, unstable work, and/or not having collateral to guarantee the loan. The goal of rent bank loans is to ensure households are able to stay in their homes during a time of temporary crisis. In addition to providing loans, rent banks also provide needed support for renters who need assistance accessing other supports to help them maintain their housing.

Those individuals requesting rent bank support are encouraged to apply online at or to contact the John Howard Society at 250-754-1266.

Fabulous family voices in a COVID parody of Total Eclipse of the Heart

You’ll love the lyrics in this COVID version of Total Eclipse of the Heart, a 1980s classic by Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler — and you’ll be amazed at the talents of this family of five. Five stars.

Snow and ice left on Town Hall steps and fountain

When the broadly forecasted snowfall arrived this week, much credit is due to our local merchants who promptly cleared the sidewalks. However, it seems the Town wasn’t prepared to provide safe access for people to the Library or Town Hall. These photos were taken late in the day after the overnight snowfall. Nor did anyone seem to be worried about the possibility of pipes bursting in the Town Hall fountain. Our people and our pocketbooks deserve more respect and attention.