BREAKERS: Cell phone security – ‘Tis the season, Scene around town

December 20, 2022

  • Warning about strangers accessing cell phones, computers
  • Tis the Season – Scene around Town
    • Spinners and stilt walkers
    • Theatre and artisans
    • Snow, snow, snow, and even a cougar in our midst!

Now before we get to the frivolity and spectacular local holiday activities, an important message for residents of Qualicum Beach. Stay healthy, stay safe, and we don’t just mean in the snow. — Editor

Warning about strangers “helping” local residents with cell phones and computers

A kind and thoughtful letter from a local resident was featured as the lead letter in the November 23, 2022 issue of PQB News. The man explained that he tried to help a young man who said he was searching for a homeless shelter, and that this was an encounter that challenged his apprehensions about homeless people.

The letter writer says that the young man approached him in his driveway, asking for directions to a homeless shelter, and that the letter writer handed his iPhone to this stranger, whereupon the young man was able to quickly find a shelter.

Apparently, the letter writer invited the young man into his home, and “two hours later, after synchronizing my phone and home computer,” he left.

Warning: NEVER hand your phone or computer over to anyone that you do not know and trust. Please be street smart. Scammers unfortunately exist in all shapes, forms and ages.

Thieves can get access to just about anything if they have access to your smart phone or computer, and they can do this within a matter of minutes, even seconds.

Undetected or unknown access to your information can put you and your family, friends and acquaintances in danger in many ways, including financial theft, home break-ins, and even bodily harm.

Protect yourself from identify theft. Even when you need a professional to set-up a new phone or computer, or if you need technical support, it is recommended that you seek a reputable business and/or get references.

The letter writer says that this self-described homeless stranger had “his own obviously very expensive, specialized laptop, which he explained he used interpreting sophisticated computer codes used in the tech industry.”

This scenario raises all kinds of red flags. The young man may not have even been homeless at all. — LS

Scene around Town – from Moonlight Madness to The Night Before Christmas

Moonlight Madness, QB’s long-running kick-off of the holiday season, brought joy and wonder to young and old alike. The sparkling performance of a pair of stilt walkers was a highlight. Stopping toddlers in their tracks, they paraded up and down Second Avenue to the delight of all.

Our spectacular, long-running fall seemed too good to be true.
Mount Arrowsmith sunset in Qualicum Beach, December 2022.

The leaves took forever to colour up, and drop.

Snow in the mountains, sure, but surely not in QB?!

Little did we know then that our unseasonably warm weather would disappear so abruptly.

Though Mother Nature knew better.

So, out came the woolens, mittens and more. The Spinners and Weavers knew what was in store.

Each year, a wonderful group of local Spinners and Weavers display the fruits of their year-long labours at The Commons in Qualicum Beach.

Everything’s going to be alright

Qualicum Beach is blessed with many cafes, bakeries, eateries and purveyors of all things delish! Imagine our town without what these talented and hard working neighbours contribute to our quality of life.

It’s coming on Christmas…

Can Santa’s reindeer be far behind?

Art of the Fire show was something else!

This show was held at the QB Civic Centre and featured many of Vancouver Island’s finest potters. Here are just a few examples.

The kids are all in their element — SNOW!

Xmas Faire, indeed

The Village Christmas Arts Faire offered many quality artisan works, including hand-made leather journals, inlaid wood items and fabulous beaded necklaces.

Dressing up the town…

Well, no denying it now, the holidays are here. Can a visit from St. Nicholas soon be here?

At right, the paw print of a cougar that crept through the back garden of a local residence. He must be looking for Santa too!