BREAKERS: LED streetlighting – 2nd Todsen defamation lawsuit discontinued – Hit-and-Run investigation

September 02, 2022

  • LED streetlighting – a cursory update from Bob Weir
  • 2nd Todsen defamation lawsuit discontinued
  • RCMP investigation of fatal crash reveals alleged drunk driver…
  • Mixing art and music in Sorrento
  • $300,000 available to non-profits for sustainable waste diversion
  • Scene around Town – a welcome relief to the blight of chain link fencing

LED streetlighting – a cursory update by Bob Weir

At the tail end of a brief Special Meeting called by QB Town Council on August 24, 2022, Town engineer Bob Weir gave the following verbal report on “the condition of the [LED] light modifications and inspections we have requested of BC Hydro.”

Weir stated “I was not able to confirm this morning that all of the actual light modifications we’d requested have been done. I know the ones at Larch and Dorset have. I’m not exactly sure of the status of the one on Burnham, but I am trying to find that out.”

Weir went on to say, “Of the other light installations that we had requested they [BC Hydro] look at, of all the installations they have inspected, they have not observed any conditions that they would suggest warrant modification.

“So, although we continue to have some disgruntled residents, it is not because of misinstalled lighting.”

That was Weir’s complete report. All five Council members looked at their shoes, made no comments, and asked no questions.

Do any readers have any questions or comments? Let us know. — GS

2nd Todsen defamation lawsuit discontinued

On August 16, 2022 Rick and Linda Todsen and Todsen & Todsen Construction filed a Notice of Discontinance in B.C. Supreme Court of their defamation lawsuit against local resident Deborah McKinley, administrator of the Facebook page Concerned Citizens of Qualicum Beach.

Todsens’ lawsuit had alleged McKinley made defamatory comments in objection to the Todsens’ application for rezoning to permit a proposed subdivision in QB’s densely-wooded Estate Properties.

The Todsens’ lawyer discontinued this second defamation lawsuit on the heels of the August 6, 2022 B.C. Supreme Court ruling dismissing the Todsens’ defamation lawsuit against the Qualicum Nature Preservation Society and its president Ezra Morse. — LS

RCMP investigation of fatal crash reveals alleged drunk driver airlifted to hospital

In an update to a story we ran in our last issue about the RCMP’s investigation of the hit-and-run death of QB resident Colm Harty one year ago in Qualicum Beach, Second Opinion QB has learned that the RCMP recently charged a man in a fatal crash that killed a 74-year-old Nanaimo woman in May 2021.

According to a report by CBC News, “The man [allegedly responsible for the fatal Nanaimo crash] was airlifted to a hospital in Victoria for serious but non-life-threatening injuries.”

As we reported in One year later, Harty family wondering why still no results of fatal hit-and-run investigation, the Harty family has not received any information from the RCMP about the August 30, 2021 Qualicum Beach accident — despite the driver and vehicle having been apprehended by witnesses moments later a block away from the scene.

Another concern raised by the Harty family is why Mr. Harty was not airlifted to hospital especially given the severity of his injuries, and instead had to endure not one but two ambulance rides, the first to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital which declined to provide care, and then a second ambulance trip to Victoria General Hospital, a further hour and a half away. Colm Harty died of his injuries in hospital three days later.

Nanaimo RCMP report that the driver of the truck involved in the Nanaimo fatal crash, 50-year-old Colin Hewitt, was arrested on Friday, August 26, 2022. According to a CTV News report, he is charged with impaired driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death, and impaired operation of a vehicle over .08 blood alcohol level causing death. Hewitt’s next court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 12 in Nanaimo Provincial Court. — LS

Mixing art and music in Sorrento

“I’ve always been compelled to play music and make art,” says QB resident Chris Dahl. “Currently I’ve been combining the two by constructing short music videos such as “Sorrento Brushstrokes” and “Giardini La Mortella.” 

Dahl got into music when he was 18, playing drums in a band. “We would book time in old-style analog recording studios, and were recorded on tape all at once as a group.” There Dahl learned how to layer multiple tracks (rythym guitar, bass, drums, lead guitar, piano and vocals) and mix them to produce a master track.

WATCH VIDEO Sorrento Brushstrokes Image: Chris Dahl Creative

“When I started writing my own material, I captured it on a standalone digital recording workstation from which I could produce CDs,” he says. Now, Dahl says, all this happens online with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and a computer.

Dahl considers this both a blessing and a curse. It’s affordable and accessible to any level of musician but also a curse “because of the proliferation of streaming apps that allow you to get your music listenable to the world while earning very little per play.”

He posts his compositions under Chris Dahl Creative with apps that manage sync licensing, allowing purchase of the rights for use in soundtracks for shows, movies, games and commercials.

“Many of my compositions are just me performing, but some have featured musical friends who contribute tracks,” says Dahl. Local players include Bill and Donna Konsorado, Todd Harmon and Shawn Best. “Recently I received bass and lead guitar tracks from friends on Crete via Google Drive after sending them rough takes of several tunes.”

Can’t take a jet plane to Italy right now? Then grab a sound bite of Sorrento courtesy of Chris Dahl. — LS

WATCH VIDEO Sorrento Brushstrokes by Christophe Dahl

$300,000 grant funding available to non-profits for sustainable waste diversion

On August 30, 2022 the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) announced that applications for the Zero Waste Recycling Funding (ZWRF) program are being accepted until October 3, 2022.

Up to $300,000 in grants will be available in 2023, the final year of the three-year funding cycle.

Nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for project funding that focuses on sustainable waste diversion and related activities that support the development of a circular economy in our region. — GS

Scene around Town – a welcome relief from the blight of chain link fences

We are delighted by the efforts of the Qualicum Beach Collective in collaboration with students from Kwalikum Secondary School for their efforts to reduce the ugly chain link fencing proliferating around town. — LS

Street scene Qualicum Beach, BC August 2022.