BREAKERS: QB Streetlights group – Municipal election results – MAID legislation

October 26, 2022

  • QB Streetlights group
  • Municipal election results
  • Apply for a position on Canada’s Chief Science Advisor’s Youth Council
  • Update – MAID legislation developments
  • Scene around Town

QB Streetlights group

For many QB residents the LED street lighting issue remains unresolved. Town Hall inaction prompted Laurie Sieber to submit a letter to Second Opinion QB which we recently published.

“Many people have contacted me about their streetlight issue as a result of that letter, and I am hoping to combine our efforts to deal with the Town,” said Sieber. “Together, it is more likely we will have a resolution.”

Sieber has volunteered to be the coordinator of a “QB Streetlights” group. Their purpose, she says, is “to meet and discuss our streetlight issues and options. The ultimate goal is to have the Town agree to fix these problems.”

If you are interested in joining in this community engagement effort, you are invited to send an email to to elaborate on your specific concerns. — GS

Municipal election results

Below left displays the results from Qualicum Beach. Congratulations to everyone who put their names forward.

Below right reveals the results from Squamish, BC which, after reading the story we published in this issue of Second Opinion QB about their municipal election scene, In this B.C. town, big money is bulldozing democracy, we thought you may be curious to know the results of their election.

Apply for Chief Science Advisor’s Youth Council

Do you want to help shape the future of science in Canada? Canada’s Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Mona Nemer, announced her Office is seeking candidates for the second cohort of the Chief Science Advisor’s Youth Council (CSA-YC).

“We are recruiting 15 ambitious and motivated young individuals from across Canada to join the second cohort of the Chief Science Advisor’s Youth Council (CSA-YC).”

Individuals interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and their societal dimensions are encouraged to apply. A degree in STEM disciplines is not required.

Individuals between the ages of 18-28 may apply. The application deadline is midnight November 4, 2022. Details here: — LS

Update – MAID legislation developments

We previously reported on legislative developments as the Canadian Parliament continues its work to strengthen federal legislation related to medical assistance in dying (MAID). Here is a brief update on recent developments.

The Special Joint [Senate and House of Commons] Committee on MAID was scheduled to produce its second report by October 17, 2022. The report is to address several topics including respecting advance requests for MAID by individuals anticipating a potential future loss of capability to provide consent, either because of gradual decline in neurocognitive capability or a traumatic brain injury from, for example, a car accident.

We have recently been advised in an email from the Joint Committee that scheduled completion of the report has been delayed by four months to February 17, 2023. Committee meetings continue.

In a separate legislative action, on October 17, 2022 debate continued in the Senate on second reading of Bill S-248, moved by Honourable Senator Pamela Wallin, seconded by the Honourable Scott Tannas.

The Senate bill proposes amendments to the Criminal Code that will, in Senator Wallin’s words “allow a person to apply long before they actually wish to die and long before they have lost capacity to ask for MAID. This offers peace of mind and a better quality of life for the time they have left with much less stress and anxiety as they live out their final days.”

Wallin went on to explain to her fellow Senators and the public (see Hansard) that the bill would enable “a person and their doctor to prepare a written set of specified conditions and state that when these medically assessed behaviours and conditions are present, that would help define the time when the person would want MAID to be performed. It is the crux of this bill.” — GS

Scene around Town