BREAKERS: Qualicum Heights permit issued – Another Town clear-cut – Farmers Market changes – March for our Future

  • Qualicum Heights permit issued for 33 condo units
  • Don May Construction clear-cuts property in Qualicum Woods
  • Farmers Market changes — COVID guidelines + new vendor digs!
  • Second annual March for our Future held July 3rd

Qualicum Heights permit issued for 33 additional units

At its April 28, 2021 Regular Meeting, Town Council had directed staff to issue a Development Permit to Paul Jahn (Monaco Holdings Ltd.) to construct three additional buildings at 431 College Road, subject to “the location of the solid waste pickup to be located in a more central location for the benefits of the residents and the contractor.”

In the public interest, we point out some misinformation conveyed by PQB News in their May 19, 2021 “Garbage disagreement” story of a meeting between Mr. Jahn, Town planning director Luke Sales and Town Councillor Teunis Westbroek held on-site on May 12, 2021. Mr. Jahn, who chose to have a PQB News reporter in tow, was quoted as saying that the allowed density (number of units) on the property has been “reduced, reduced, reduced.” The newspaper’s report neglected to include the fact that, when the property was purchased by Mr. Jahn, the zoning restricted the total number of additional units to 24 (in addition to the 16 already built in Cambridge Manor). That density restriction has been amended to be 33 units, an INCREASE of over 35%, which is, according to Debra Boyle, spokesperson for the Qualicum Heights Homeowners Group, still “more than local residents wanted for such a large development in a single home family neighbourhood.”

We have been advised that the negotiation of the specifics of the “central location” for solid waste pickup have concluded and a development permit has been issued. Phase 1 is for a seven unit building on the site of the recently demolished College Inn building.

Newly clear-cut property at 504 Juniper Driver, Qualicum Beach, across from Milner Gardens.

Don May Construction clear-cuts property in Qualicum Woods

In April 2021, we reported on the sale by the Town of 504 Juniper Drive, one of its two wooded properties at the corner of Juniper Drive and Dogwood Road in Qualicum Woods, to Don May Construction, the company behind the official buyer Harbour Mills Holdings Inc.

In late June the chainsaws destroyed this mature remnant of Coastal Douglas Fir forest that had stood opposite the entrance to Milner Gardens. Definitely will be giving a mixed message to visitors to our Town.

Read: Questioning recent sales of Town-owned land | April 2021

Farmers Market changes — COVID guidelines and new vendor digs!

The Qualicum Beach Farmers Market is in full swing again. While COVID restrictions have recently been relaxed in BC and masks are now optional, the QB Farmers Market encourages market visitors to wear masks and to follow other COVID safety guidelines, including sanitizing hands and maintaining physical distance.

We also noted a delightful new presence at the QB Farmers Market. Catie’s wonderfully crafted all-wood stall garnered lots of admiring glances, as did her locally preserved fruit and produce. The Qualicum Berry Jam caught our eye. We also snapped up a jar of local figs preserved in Balsamic vinegar, delicious as an appetizer with a Brie cheese and crackers (or maybe over ice cream for an easy, but special, dessert).

For over two decades, Catie Grandmont has proudly played a role in the evolving and vibrant food scene on Vancouver Island, keeping her footprint small and passionately supporting sustainable food production. Her philosophy — real food, preserving the past — was inspired by childhood memories learning the art of preserving in her family’s Prairie kitchen.

Catie has long been dedicated to supporting local farmers and enjoys having a personal relationship with them — from visiting their farms to select the best of the day’s harvest to promoting their produce in her products. Catie preserves small batches of fruit and vegetables from her home and commercial kitchen in Qualicum Beach.

The Qualicum Beach Farmers Market is open year-round from 8:30am-Noon Saturday mornings on Veterans Way (at Memorial Avenue) in downtown Qualicum Beach, BC.

Second annual March for our Future, Qualicum Beach, BC on July 3, 2021.

Second annual March for our Future held July 3rd

Scores of residents rallied at Town Hall and marched the streets of downtown Qualicum Beach on July 3, 2021 in support of protecting old growth forests, including the Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystems at-risk right here inside our Town.

One of the presentations made at the 2nd annual March for our Future rally can be viewed here.