BREAKERS: timely tidbits

BREAKERS – timely tidbits and follow-ups to previously published stories:

  • QB ivy busting parties
  • No appointment needed to pick up on-hold Library books
  • Group of painters capture QB beauty
  • Qualicum Beach tide table for this week

QB ivy busting parties

On Saturday, Aug. 15, a group of people from Friends of the QB Forest (FQBF) tackled English Ivy that was strangling and suffocating an area of forest near the Qualicum Beach Civic Centre. “I noted a number of young trees had died off in this area as a result of the ivy’s stranglehold” said Dr. Lynne Brookes. “By removing the ivy, we uncovered other struggling young native trees, including a big leaf maple, bitter cherry, red cedar and red alder, along with sword ferns that all now have a fighting chance.”

The effort was so successful says Pat Jacobson, a member of the FQBF, that, until further notice, they will host weekly ivy busting parties at the same location. Anyone can join in. The next “party” is Saturday, August 29, from 10 – 11 am. The location is just inside the Off-leash Dog Park. The access is through the formal entry to the Community Forest, off the big Parking Lot on the south side of the Civic Centre.

Much of the ivy can just be pulled, but a few pruning shears and clippers would come in handy, and an appropriate saw. The ivy can be piled up next to the Trail, and arrangements have been made to have the Town pick it up. People are asked to remember to be “Covid Careful,” and to wear gloves and clothing to cover arms and legs. For further information email the FQBF at

No appointment needed to pick up on-hold Library books

Group of painters capture QB beauty

By happy circumstance, we stumbled upon a group of painters in the courtyard at QB’s Chilham Village recently. Melanie Barnes says, “we are a small group of like-minded painters who have been meeting every Wednesday morning at various locations in the area to paint ‘en plein air’.”

Known collectively as Artward Bound, the group has been together for six years. The artists work independently but often share ideas and methods.

“Painting outdoors is always a challenge what with changing light and conditions,” says Melanie. “Sometimes the subject matter (say a boat) leaves halfway through the session! Other times you have to interpret a scene such as a flock of sheep who can’t stay put!”

Water colour artists Dianne Hay and Melanie Barnes capture the ambience of Chilham Village on West Second Avenue, joined by Jessy Watson who shows his work and volunteers at The Old School House Arts Centre (TOSH) in Qualicum Beach.

Melanie sketching the “delightful” Tudor-influenced cluster of buildings.

Artward Bound is always looking for new and different locations so if you happen to know of a farm, or a cottage or a quiet waterfront spot, please get in touch with Melanie at 250-586-9690.