BREAKERS: Town botches Public Hearings – Climate Crisis March – No shutdown of Port Alberni emergency department

July 21, 2022

  • Town botches, reschedules Public Hearings
  • Climate Crisis March for Our Future July 22
  • No shutdown planned for Port Alberni hospital emergency department
  • Cell phone radiation safety presentation July 25
  • Shop your local laneway July 30, 31
  • Scene around Town – beach beautiful

Town botches, reschedules Public Hearings to August 8, 2022

Two Public Hearings were held on July 19, 2022 at QB Town Hall for development applications on First Avenue at Beach, and on Second Avenue in the East Village.

For some reason, the Town’s CAO Varela did not allow or accommodate the public’s attendance by Zoom, or even by phone. Public participation had to be in-person or by correspondence mailed in advance.

Attendees arrived at Town Hall to discover that only two members of Council bothered to show up – Mayor Wiese and Councillor Skipsey. Wiese called the meeting to order but did not explain why three Council members were not there.

We are not surprised to report that the procedural legitimacy of these Public Hearings has been challenged.

Third reading for both of these applications was on the agenda for Council’s regular meeting the very next day, July 20. At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor Wiese yanked both third readings off the agenda, announcing that Public Hearings needed to be redone so that Council actions were “beyond scrutiny” [sic].

CAO Varela explained that the staff recommendation “is to err on the side of caution. We didn’t advertise that there would be less than a quorum of Council attending the Public Hearing, even though members were attending online.” She did not specify which Council members attended online. Varela continued, “So to avoid the process from being called into question and to make sure we’re running a public process that is above scrutiny [sic], that is the recommendation before Council.”

As a result, both Public Hearings have been rescheduled for Monday, August 8, 2022.

We hope that both Wiese and Varela intend to be above and beyond ‘reproach’. We certainly hope they never consider themselves above and beyond scrutiny. Particularly our scrutiny. — GS

Third annual QB March for Our Future – Friday, July 22nd

The 3rd Annual March for our Future will start at 11 a.m. at Qualicum Beach Town Hall, Primrose and First Avenue.

Guest speaker Guy Dauncey of the West Coast Climate Action Network will bring a message of practical, positive leadership to the climate crisis. If we DO act in time, we can look forward to a future in which:

  • BC’s forests and all other ecosystems are protected and restored.
  • Workers and communities enjoy good, long-term jobs within thriving communities.
  • Indigenous People’s rights, Title and governance are respected and honoured.
  • Our towns and cities are green, livable, and transit, pedestrian, wheelchair and bike friendly.
  • Most pollution has ceased to exist.
  • We have developed a green circular economy that operates in harmony with nature.

Town Councillor Anne Skipsey and the Fridays for Future students will address the crowd. — LS

No shutdown planned for Port Alberni hospital Emergency, contrary to media reports

Many local CBC audience members may have heard reports that the emergency department at West Coast General Hospital (WCGH) in Port Alberni would be facing shutdowns during the summer.

“Despite a recent claim by a news outlet stating the Emergency Room at West Coast General Hospital (WCGH) may see closures this summer, Island Health says no shutdown is planned for the emergency department,” according to a story by Karly Blats published in Ha Shilth Sa Newspaper.

“According to a CBC article from July 5, an anonymous source who claimed to work in the Port Alberni emergency department at WCGH told the media outlet that due to ongoing staff shortages, the Emergency Room could be closed through much of August and September for eight-hour periods each day.”

“There are no planned closures or diversions for the emergency department at West Coast General Hospital,” Island Health said in a statement. — LS

Shop your local laneway! July 30 & 31

It doesn’t get much more local than this. Six artisans who live in the 400 block of Hoylake Road West will open their studios / yards for an art sale on Saturday, July 30 and Sunday July 31 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Fibre arts, painting, pottery, fine arts, glassworks, photography and more. Admission free.

Marie Noel and her neighbours invite everyone to venture down their little lane, get to know the neighbours and enjoy the art. — LS

Cell phone tower radiation – symptoms and solutions to protect your families Monday, July 25

A presentation and discussion on the latest updates on cell towers will be held Monday, July 25, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the Qualicum Beach Civic Centre. 

Guest speakers Shelley Wright and Marcus Schluschen will discuss the latest updates on cell towers and wireless radiation to protect your family. Bring your questions and cell phones for a free meter reading following the presentation.

Wright, a retired teacher with 29 years of experience is the Director of Canadian Educators for Safe Technology. Wright has given presentations at the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario annual meetings, and helped develop safe technology resolutions for the organization. Schluschen is a Certified EMF Consultant (radiation mitigation specialist).

This is a free event hosted by: Dr. Fred and Carol Dowe, Canadians for Safe Technology – Vancouver Island. Contact: Tel 250-752-2104 Email — LS

Scene around Town – beach beautiful!

The Qualicum Beach Waterfront is an unsurpassed natural gem. Kids and dogs, sand and waves. — LS

Qualicum Beach waterfront. July 2022
Qualicum Beach waterfront. July 2022
Qualicum Beach waterfront. July 2022
Qualicum Beach waterfront. July 2022
Beautiful – Qualicum Beach waterfront. July 2022