Eileen Wicks begs to go home, Island Health refuses to release her records, MLAs’ questionable comments

March 13, 2022 | update March 16 – Eileen Wicks is still being detained in hospital without the consent of Eileen or her husband Trevor Wicks since the couple’s apprehension by a squad of RCMP officers and Island Health social workers from their home in Qualicum Beach on January 12, 2022. In his continued efforts to have Eileen released from involuntary detention, Mr. Wicks has engaged a lawyer.

UPDATE: Island Health has objected to our publication of a letter sent to Trevor Wicks by Krisna Phosy informing him that she would not grant his FOI request for Eileen Wick’s records, and the Support and Assistance Plan prepared by Island Health employees, Julie Speers, Social Work manager and Lorraine Kirk, manager of Nanaimo Community Health Services to place Eileen Wicks in long-term care. Island Health contends that the publication of these two documents is evidence that Mr. Wicks is not acting in his wife’s best interests. While we disagree, we decided to remove access to these documents from this article in an effort to protect Eileen and Trevor Wicks from Island Health’s allegations. — Editor

Eileen Wicks in her own words

Eileen Weeks on Sunday, March 6, 2022 in her room at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, speaking with the writer.

On March 6, 2022, this writer visited Eileen Wicks in the hospital room on a locked ward at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital where Island Health has detained her since January 12, 2022.

“I want to get out, I absolutely do,” says Eileen Wicks. “This is the worst thing that’s ever happened in my life. It’s just like jail, it’s really bad. I’ve just about given up and I don’t ever do things like that, I’m usually quite up…”

When asked what she does all day, Eileen responds, “Well, this is the problem, I’m not allowed to go out of here!” She says she walks “back and forth, back and forth” in the hallway of the locked hospital ward. As many people in Qualicum Beach know, prior to her being apprehended from their home, Eileen and Trevor routinely walked many kilometers outdoors, especially along QB’s waterfront.

Gesturing to her room and the hospital ward beyond, Eileen continues, “I mean, it looks okay for people, but it isn’t.” She says, “I’m all by myself. I have no friends here, I have nobody here. I’ve sat here and cried my eyes out more than I have ever, I’ll tell you that. It’s not right. I helped children and people for years and now this is what I’ve got?” she says, tears in her eyes.

Eileen says, “I don’t want to be a miserable woman. I’ve never been before so I don’t want to be now, but I’m in here by myself and I just cry. What else can you do? That’s why I’ve got this silly little thing [she gestures to a stuffed bear on the windowsill] because I feel so sad.”  

Asked what she would like, Eileen replies, “I would like them to say you don’t have to stay here anymore. I’d love to be with Trevor… He’s my husband and I love him very much and I need him.”

Island Health refuses to provide a copy of Eileen’s records

Eileen is entitled to a copy of her own health records (as any person is) and her Representative has the legal authority to obtain them on her behalf. On January 29, 2022 — in his capacity as Eileen’s healthcare Representative (aka substitute decision maker) — Trevor Wicks filed a Freedom of Information (FOI) request for a copy of Eileen’s Island Health records to find out why Eileen was detained at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital and who made the decision to continue to detain her without consent.

“The answer has to be in the records,” said Wicks. When Nanaimo Hospital did not respond to or even acknowledge his FOI request, Mr. Wicks asked the couple’s Member of Parliament (MP) for help.

On Thursday, February 10th, after several email exchanges between the offices of MP Gord Johns and James Hanson, Vice-President of Clinical Services for Island Health, Hanson’s office confirmed receipt of Trevor Wicks’ FOI request. Hanson’s office stated that they had “connected with Island Health’s Freedom of Information (FOI) office on this inquiry… They have opened the request and are preparing the records call.”

Apparently, Island Health’s promised action was hollow. In a letter to Trevor Wicks dated a scant week later on February 18, 2022, Krisna Phosy, an Information Access Compliance Team analyst for Island Health informed Mr. Wicks that “the records you request are withheld in their entirety…”

The Wicks and many members of the public are wondering what Island Health is hiding, and why.

Trevor Wicks reports that Krisna Phosy’s letter cited an unsubstantiated claim of a legal “clarification” purporting to impose additional restrictions on FOI requests, including that the FOI applicant’s purpose for requesting records must have a “reasonable connection” (to what or whom they did not say). According to Trevor Wicks, Island Health did not explain why they thought he did not have a “reasonable connection.”

In this letter, Island Health contrived another incomprehensible reason for refusing to release the requested records. Mr. Wicks was astounded by Phosy’s contention that he is a “third party,” and that providing him with a copy of his wife Eileen’s records would be an invasion of Eileen’s privacy. We’ll let readers take a few minutes to ponder that acrobatic feat of logic.

UPDATE: We have disabled access to Ms. Phosy’s letter which had initially been made available to the public for download (shown below), after an Island Health lawyer objected to publication of this document, claiming that publication of Phosy’s letter is evidence that Trevor Wicks is not acting in the best interests of his wife. We disagree, but have decided to accede to Island Health’s request in order to protect Eileen and Trevor Wicks from harmful allegations such as this. — Editor

In a related development, Second Opinion QB has learned that Island Health has indicated that they would prefer to deal only with the provincial elected representative, MLA Adam Walker, rather than the federal government member of parliament, MP Gord Johns. No reason was provided.

In our last issue, we revealed another elder abduction by an Island Health hospital based on false allegations by health professionals. And, here’s yet another — equally disturbing — case of abuse of power against seniors by Island Health that our research has revealed, Mia’s story.

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Island Health managers falsely claim Eileen Wicks has “advanced Alzheimer’s Disease”

Island Health Social Work manager, Julie K. Speers, and the manager of Nanaimo Community Health Services, Lorraine Kirk, RN, have declared — without providing any clinical evidence — that Eileen Wicks now has “advanced Alzheimer’s Disease,” and requires continuous care and supervision in an Island Health facility in order to meet all of her personal and health care needs and to ensure her safety.

This startling declaration is stated in a Support and Assistance Plan dated February 17, 2022. This Plan was prepared by Island Health in an apparent attempt to unilaterally commit Eileen to long-term care. This Plan was first revealed to Trevor Wicks in a meeting held by Speers and Kirk at the hospital on February 24th, which the writer and another observer attended at the invitation of Mr. Wicks.

During the meeting, Speers and Kirk repeatedly pressed Trevor Wicks to agree to Island Health’s Plan to put Eileen in long-term care. Mr. Wicks was warned that if he did not agree, Island Health would begin legal action. Neither Speers nor Kirk explained what legal action Island Health might be planning. Trevor Wicks and Eileen Wicks are each on record as refusing consent to Island Health’s Support and Assistance Plan.

WATCH Karaoke performance by Eileen and Trevor Wicks recorded on March 6, 2022

Island Health’s Plan also claims — but does not provide any proof — that Eileen and Trevor have an imminent “murder-suicide pact.” Trevor Wicks has been asking, since the day the couple was apprehended on January 12, 2022, for evidence and documents explaining who made these allegations, which he has continually denied, and who is responsible for the apprehensions and the continuing involuntary detention of Eileen. Island Health, as mentioned earlier in this article, has refused to provide this information to the Wicks.

UPDATE: We have obscured the contents of the Support and Assistance Plan (shown below) prepared by Island Health managers, Julie Speers and Lorraine Kirk, that had initially been made available to the public, after an Island Health lawyer objected, claiming that publication of this document is evidence that Trevor Wicks is not acting in the best interests of his wife. We disagree, but have decided to accede to Island Health’s request in order to protect Eileen and Trevor Wicks from harmful allegations such as this. — Editor

Plan prepared by Island Health Social Work manager Julie K. Speers and Lorraine Kirk, manager of Nanaimo Community Health Services presented to Trevor Wicks on February 24, 2022 (content obscured).

MLAs spreading rumours, applying pressure in apparent support of Island Health

Adam Walker, the elected Member of the Legislature for Parksville-Qualicum, the provincial riding where Eileen and Trevor Wicks live, contacted the editor of Second Opinion QB to report that a member of the local Oceanside RCMP detachment told him, “There is more to this case than you know.” Walker provided no evidence or other details to substantiate this alleged statement.

According to MLA Walker, the RCMP officer volunteered the information about the Wicks’ apprehensions while accompanying the MLA on other RCMP business. Walker did not reveal the name of the RCMP officer. It is entirely possible that this same RCMP officer could be one of the RCMP squad that invaded the Wicks’ home and brutally apprehended Eileen and Trevor Wicks on January 12, 2022.

Qualicum Beach’s local RCMP detachment is a party to the apprehensions and detention. The RCMP has confirmed that they are processing an FOI request that Trevor Wicks submitted in regards to the involuntary January 12 apprehension of himself and his wife. It is inappropriate for any RCMP officer to reveal information, whether factual or rumour, about an active unresolved case to anyone, including and perhaps especially to the Wicks’ own MLA. Our elected representatives are supposed to be working to support citizens, not defending powerful government agencies and police.

Eileen and Trevor, March 6, 2022.

Second Opinion QB has heard from many people across B.C. who have contacted their elected MLAs and other officials in support of Eileen and Trevor Wicks. In an interesting development, a resident of Campbell River is reported to have contacted their MLA about the Wicks’ case, and was also informed that “there’s more to this case than you know, but I’m not at liberty to say anything more.”

This mantra has also made its way into local gossip and social media chatter, again without any substantiating evidence. Idle speculation by members of the public is to be expected, but it is alarming to hear what appears to be an effort by elected officials to help government agencies cover up an egregious clinical misadventure, to say nothing of subjecting two elderly people to hurtful innuendo.

This begs many ethical questions including: How is it that MLAs are permitted to have information about a private individual’s personal information, but Island Health is apparently permitted to refuse to release any of Eileen Wicks’ personal health records to her, and actively oppose Trevor Wicks’ efforts to obtain any information about Eileen’s apprehension and continuing detention in hospital?

MLA Walker, during his conversation with the editor of Second Opinion QB, asked that we take down the stories we have published about Eileen and Trevor Wicks. We declined. Walker did not give a reason for his request but he complained that our stories were being referenced in the petition launched by friends of the couple, Change.org/FreeEileenWicks.

Adam Walker claimed our stories are actually hurting Eileen. When the editor asked how that could be, Walker said health care workers in British Columbia can refuse to take any jobs that they feel might be harmful to them. According to MLA Walker, health care workers wouldn’t want to have their names published like Second Opinion QB has done in our stories about the Wicks. It was Adam Walker’s view that health care workers would refuse to provide services for Eileen so she wouldn’t be able to get any home care when she is discharged.

Eileen shunted into a 4-bed ward and given crayons and colouring books

Meanwhile, the hospital recently informed Trevor Wicks that Eileen has been assigned a series of attendants, contracted by Island Health, apparently to be by Eileen’s side for the entire day.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Wicks says he spoke with a nurse at the desk to ask that, if the hospital wouldn’t let him take Eileen “off unit,” as staff describe it, for a walk outside to get some fresh air and exercise by themselves, would they assign someone to accompany them on a walk? Apparently, Mr. Wicks’ simple request has now ballooned into the contracting of a whole roster of staff. Island Health has not explained why they need to contract additional people in case Eileen wants to go for a walk.  

Trevor Wicks says he was present recently when one of the contracted minders arrived. The minder had brought crayons and colouring books for Eileen, who found this insulting and infantile. Eileen has also complained that hospital staff will often use baby talk when speaking with her.

Eileen Wicks reads card received from well-wishers, March 6, 2022, in her room on the locked ward at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

On Tuesday, March 8th Trevor noticed what looked like a boil on Eileen’s neck and asked the nurse to look at it. He was later told that the doctor had lanced the boil on Wednesday. During his visit several days later, Trevor has noted that the “boil” has grown larger and staff are now treating Eileen with antibiotics.

On Friday, March 11th, Trevor Wicks received a phone call from the hospital to inform him that Eileen would be moved that day to a 4-bed ward in Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, a holding unit for long-term care placement. Mr. Wicks said he wasn’t asked for input, he was told. The hospital did not give him a room number, location or where he could reach Eileen by phone. The couple are used to speaking on the phone daily, which is a comfort to them both.

When Trevor visited the hospital on Saturday, March 12th, Eileen was still in her private room on the locked ward on the 4th floor of Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, more desperate than ever to get out of what she calls “jail.” He says she is calm and happy during his visits, which usually last two or three hours, but when he leaves she rails and begs him to take her home with him.

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The following articles reveal that Island Health has been permitted by successive governments to abuse seniors and their families for at least a decade, and that government authorities and so-called watchdog and assistance groups have long known about this abuse, done nothing and, in some cases like the Wicks’, participate in the abuse. Our investigation continues and in future issues we will focus more closely on the organizations responsible for enabling this disturbing malfeasance and abuse of power.

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