False information broadcast about by-election candidate

A reader brought to our attention a broadcast email that was sent by Mary Brouilette, a former Qualicum Beach councillor, spreading false information about Anne Skipsey, a candidate in the May 15th by-election. A copy of Ms. Brouilette’s broadcast email, dated April 8, 2021, was provided to Second Opinion QB.

Judith Kemp writes, “I would like to set the record straight about a false statement made by Mary Brouilette in a broadcast email that she sent out supporting Sarah Duncan [in the by-election].

In her email, Mary Brouilette wrongly attributed comments to Anne Skipsey that were actually made by me. This is [an excerpt of] what Mary Brouilette said in her broadcast email:

‘I am really pleased and proud to introduce Sarah to you… I have known Sarah for a number of years through the Coastal Community Credit Union where she is the branch manager. I have also been involved with Sarah when she was Chair of the Parksville Qualicum Community Foundation and Chamber of Commerce. …

‘Just as an aside, in case you didn’t get a chance to attend the public hearing for the Pheasant Glen project, Anne Skipsey, who is going to take another run at councillor, used this platform to personally attack the mayor for his association with members of our development community, his campaign contributions and more. This continued lack of respect for the office, nevermind the person who holds the position, is more vitriol we don’t need!  And of course, there is absolutely no respect shown for any developer that chooses to invest in our community!’ — Mary Brouilette

It was not Anne Skipsey who used this platform to “attack the mayor,” it was me [Judith Kemp].

At the March 31st Public Hearing on the Pheasant Glen Resort, I decided to speak out about what I believe to be a conflict of interest or at least a serious ethical challenge for Mayor Brian Wiese. [In the Public Hearing] I asked Mayor Wiese to recuse himself or remove himself from voting on the Pheasant Glen Rezoning Application.

Not only did Mayor Wiese receive big campaign contributions from the Duttons, it is apparent that Mayor Wiese continues to have a close relationship with the Duttons who own Pheasant Glen Resort. During the early days of the Qualicum Covid quarantine protocols, Mayor Wiese was out on the Pheasant Glen Resort golfing with Craig Dutton, the Vice President of Pheasant Glen Golf Resort. Mayor Wiese has thus indicated he is in the same Covid bubble as Craig Dutton.

Anne Skipsey had no knowledge that I was planning to speak about the Duttons funding of Mayor Wiese’s campaign in the last municipal election. Many Qualicum Beach people questioned the challenges of participating and/or listening in to this Zoom Public Hearing. Many people prepared questions based on well-researched information about the current Pheasant Glen Resort rezoning application. No answers were allowed or provided. It is unethical and disrespectful for our Mayor to act this way.” — Judith Kemp

A review of the recorded Public Hearing about the Pheasant Glen Resort held on March 31, 2021 confirmed that Anne Skipsey, a former Qualicum Beach councillor who is running in the current by-election for the vacant seat on the Qualicum Beach Council, did not make the comments alleged by Mary Brouilette.

Mary Brouilette is a board member of the Parksville Qualicum Community Foundation, and a Town-appointed member of the Working Group involved in the design of the Naked Naturals building to be constructed at the Bus Garage/Qualicum Commons property. She is also a former Qualicum Beach councillor, and a former employee at the Coastal Community Credit Union, Qualicum Beach branch.