LETTERS: Airline lease cancellation – Naked Naturals – Planting trees

DECEMBER 20, 2021

  • Airline lease cancellation a disservice to community
  • Proposed Naked Naturals design needs work
  • Planting trees beside Heritage Forest a waste of Town resources

Airline lease cancellation a disservice to community

I am shocked to hear about this [cancellation of the airline lease at Qualicum Beach Airport]. I know that Transport Canada has stringent regulations for airline operations, and Oceanside Air made an unfortunate decision to hold this celebration on the airport property, but this is ludicrous in my view.

It seems our Town Council deems itself the top authority to impose this decision without contacting the residents of Qualicum Beach, an ongoing trend with several issues in this beautiful area.

Oceanside Air sent a delegation to the in-camera [Council] meeting on November 24th to apologize and plead their case. My personal opinion is that without this service in our community we are left to rely on the unpredictability of our only island highway to get off the island, and with the recent flooding, sinkholes and roads being washed away, we all are at the mercy of weather patterns that can only exacerbate this situation.

Carolyn Paris, Qualicum Beach

Proposed Naked Naturals design needs work

Re: Naked Naturals – tangled web spun by Town staff

Naked Naturals proposed siting.

Today [Dec 7] I heard about where the loading bay and garbage pickup will be for the new Naked Naturals. Note: I don’t see that anywhere in the drawings. So, confused and curious, I took a drive around the old bus depot and surrounding property with the site map in hand. Trying to figure out the answer to some of the questions raised in the article I read and some really important questions.

[I was] shocked to see that the short street 4th Ave W. is immediately adjacent to the Lee family home at 719 Memorial and the homes at 753, 757, 761, and 765 Memorial, not to mention directly across the street from 750 Memorial where many of our QB seniors have moved to be close to town for Doctors, shopping, and the Seniors Centre.

This is where those huge reefer trucks will stop all hours of the day and night and, with a shudder and the hiss of air, will swing wide to turn left onto 4th Ave. W.

Some of those trucks are as long as this short street is before it dead ends and requires a hard left up the back lane which runs behind the homes on Memorial. Then, horn blowing and truck doing its BEEP BEEP BEEP, [the trucks] will back in to the Naked Natural loading bay. As far as I can determine, to get out of that loading bay they will then squeeze up that back lane to get out or do the FORWARD, BACK, FORWARD, BACK bit and go back out 4th Ave. W and then swing wide back on to Memorial to get up to the highway. 

Am I missing something here? Or, should we all be saying ‘yes we love Naked Naturals’ but back to the drawing board Mr. Architect! That would be my comment.

Barb Ewens, Qualicum Beach

Town planting trees next to Heritage Forest

I’m curious how the city found the money to plant trees along Hemsworth Street between
Chester and Dogwood? There is already a forest there [Heritage Forest]. Considering the town said there were issues finding money to maintain benches, this seems like a waste of town resources.

I read Second Opinion all the time, and it seems you keep town Council’s feet to the fire.

John Geismar, Qualicum Beach

We appreciated the tip. See this issue’s Breaker: Town plants 47 trees beside Heritage Forest?! — Editor

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