LETTERS: Appointment of former mayor Wiese as RDN alternate raises concern

February 7, 2023

We received the following letter from a resident of Area G who raises some concerns about the recent appointment of Brian Wiese, former mayor of Qualicum Beach, to a position on the RDN board. To avoid risk of retribution, the letter writer requested their name be withheld. — Editor

Dear Editor,

As a resident of Area G of the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN), it came as quite a surprise when I recently heard from a neighbor that Brian Wiese, the former mayor of Qualicum Beach is now the Area G Alternate Director.

There is an announcement in the Dec. 14, 2022 PQB News about Chief Michael Recalma acting as Alternate for Stuart McLean:  “When Electoral Area H Director Stuart McLean is unable to attend an RDN board meeting, Alternate Director Recalma may take the place of, vote and generally act in all matters on behalf of Director McLean.”

I have many questions and very many concerns about Brian Wiese fulfilling the role of Alternate Director for Area G.  I certainly did not have the opportunity to vote for him [in that position].  Perhaps there were others who would like to have been considered as an Alternate Director. One wonders if the RDN Director could or should have reached out to residents to let us know when such a replacement process is about to happen. 

It is my understanding that Wiese showed up to offer help at Lehann Wallace’s First Campaign events. It is also my understanding that Lehann Wallace supported Brian Wiese in his campaign for mayor.  This all makes sense, but I wonder who the two RDN residents were that provided the support needed for Wiese to become an Alternate Director. Why would residents of Area G want someone living in the Town of Qualicum Beach to represent them? 

Prior to his position as Mayor [of Qualicum Beach], the name Brian Wiese could be seen on 460 Realty signs in Oceanside. He also became the manager at Realty 460. It is my understanding that some Town Councils are creating new policies to disallow current and former real estate agents from running for Council and thereby be able to vote on development permits.

Brian Wiese did not earn the trust of Qualicum Beach voters who soundly rejected him in the 2022 election. Amongst other questionable words on his bio created for his mayoralty campaign, these interesting, somewhat misleading words appear:  “Post-secondary education includes a Masters Certificate in Project Management from York University and a Professional Management Certificate from the University of Calgary.” These are two short online course offerings according to descriptions found in the two university course guides. 

It is of much concern as to how Brian Wiese would offer up his views on and his vote on development permits, and water supplies in Area G.  Also, one wonders, based on previous comments at RDN Committee Of The Whole Meetings, how Brian Wiese will speak and vote on issues related to the boundaries of Qualicum Beach?

Thank you,

Name withheld, Qualicum Beach

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