LETTERS: blacktop hard on seniors, rally endangered QB?

Related to a previous article Blacktop to replace in-town woodland trails?, reader Colm Harty writes:

One of QB’s in-town woodland trails.

Why are we hardtop paving trails that were formally natural? Hardtop is not suitable for extensive walking, especially for older people.

Colm Harty

In response to our previous article Council disregards planning professionals, media mis-reports which referenced a rally at Town hall on July 15, reader John Wood writes:

On July 15th, in direct contravention of the Mass Gathering Events Order from the BC Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, a “march for our future” took place in Qualicum Beach.  The order limits gatherings to 50 people, and there were at least 65 people in plain view.  Many were not wearing masks, and social distancing of two metres was clearly not being met.

They violated the Covid-19 guidelines and endangered the Qualicum Beach and area population.  This behaviour should not be “glorified” in the context of environmental stewardship.  If anyone else had held a similar march/demonstration, the PQBNews would have pilloried them.

Quoting QNPS [Qualicum Nature Preservation Society] president Ezra Morse, the march was organized by “various environmental groups in town” and the QNPS “were in full support of the event.”  Not admitting who was behind the march is sort of clever, and almost subversive. Isn’t that what terrorist groups do?

John Wood