LETTERS: Eileen Wicks story reaches England, Inadequate MAID law

Once again, we have had many people contact Second Opinion QB to express support for Eileen and Trevor Wicks, and ask how they can help. Friends of the couple have launched a petition that can be found at Change.org/FreeEileenWicks. People who wish to help are being asked to sign this petition, then circulate it to their contacts through email and social media, in turn asking their contacts to do the same.

Confinement detrimental to Eileen Wick’s well-being
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This story has reached England and I was horrified at the treatment of Mr. and Mrs. Wicks. Totally unacceptable behaviour by the authorities. Also I’m confused as to why they would move someone from their known surroundings and husband which could cause deepening dementia. Moving elderly people from their home can lead to premature death, often within six months. Mrs Wicks was in a moderate state, happy, secure and loved and to be torn from that environment against her wishes is, in my opinion, incredibly foolhardy and detrimental to her well-being.

Kind regards

Adeline McMillan, England, U.K.

Concerns about inadequate MAID law

It seems to me that the Wicks thought they could use MAID for when the dementia got too bad. I ran into this problem with someone. Even though she had a debilitating illness that kept her in bed, when the time came to possibly get MAID, her mind was too addled by pills and some dementia that she was no longer eligible for MAID. Luckily, she only lasted another five months of pain after this decision. My biological mother used MAID, and was able to die on the date and time of her own choosing.

Amanda [last name withheld for privacy], Qualicum Beach

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