LETTERS: Increasing Town Council size – Sports broadcaster Trozzo

October 03, 2022

QB’s Tony Trozzo starts the season as Salmon Arm Silverbacks play-by-play broadcaster

Dear Editor,

I caught the Trozzo article in your update late last night. I immediately forwarded it to my wife who is a good friend of Tony Trozzo’s mother and we were the family’s neighbors back in the early 2000’s. 

We first met Tony when he was “floating his toy boat” in the street drainage ditches.  It has been many years that we have followed his progress and proud that he went through our favorite institute of technology in Calgary.

My wife read the article immediately upon rising this morning and was delighted by the report on Tony. She and the gals really liked him at the QB golf clubhouse.

He will do very well in broadcasting. 

Michael Jessen

Increasing the size of Town Council

Dear Editor,

A few months ago I composed a letter addressing the question of a proposed expansion of the Qualicum Beach Town Council. To date I have received no written response from the Town (just a short phone call from the mayor) and I assume it has now been round filed.

The compressed version [of the letter to the Town] was also sent to the PQB News but never printed is attached.

I noticed that this question is again on the upcoming election ballot even though it has been rejected at least twice before. I am not at all confident that the citizens of Qualicum Beach are aware of the current status of council remuneration or the potential consequences of a larger council.


R. W. (Bob) Brough, Qualicum Beach

Mr. Brough asked Second Opinion QB to provide any updates or explanations that might be relevant to his letter, which we provide below.

At its December 8, 2021 regular meeting, Qualicum Beach Town Council asked staff to provide a report regarding increasing Council size from five to seven members. The staff report (see January 12, 2022 Council agenda) recommended proceeding with the required bylaw, plus briefing materials to enable informed public input at the February 9, 2022 Committee of the Whole meeting. Some of the public commentary is included in the meeting minutes.

The proposed bylaw to increase the number of Councillors from four to six went through first, second and third readings, but stalled on April 6, 2022 when proposed for adoption. Instead, Council chose to add a non-binding referendum question on the October 15, 2022 election ballot.

Additional information including the FAQs (frequently asked questions) document referred to by Mr. Brough in his letter are available at https://www.qualicumbeach.com/ballot2022 — Editor

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