LETTERS: kudos, concerns and complaints

The following letters are in response to our article Losing our edge? Time for a doughnut?:

Dear Editor:

Well written article about our changing Town. You have verbalized so well this sense of loss I feel when passing by areas of Qualicum Beach that have been re-zoned or in process of re-zoning. Nanaimo’s progressive initiative for a doughnut economics framework will be interesting to watch how it is implemented and how it changes the city and the lives of those living there. Maybe Qualicum Beach Council and staff should pause, take a breath and re-examine their goals and direction they are taking the Town and its people.

Charna Macfie, Qualicum Beach

Dear Editor:

Many of us are concerned about the direction development is taking in Qualicum Beach. Are people aware of the IAG proposal presented to Town Council on Wednesday, February 24th?

A charming redhead spotted atop his perch. Qualicum Beach, BC February 2021.

Three, 6-story buildings strung along the south side of [Highway] 19A. This will make a big impression on those driving along the highway through town. The site is at the base of a high bluff.

The Official Community Plan warns of “Unstable soil conditions prevail in undeveloped commercial areas along the Island Highway No. 19A. Improper development of these sites could result in hazardous conditions.”

Vicki Polson, Qualicum Beach

Dear Editor:

A condo complex with more than 70 units and around 6 stories, is being proposed for the land on Highway 19A between the Casa Grande Hotel and Alder Street. This is double the height in our Town plan.

Sue Cadeny, Qualicum Beach

Dear Editor:

A number of us have concerns about a development proposed for the Qualicum Beach waterfront. The Town of Qualicum Beach has received a proposal from IAG Enterprises to build a 76 condominium complex at 3022 Island Highway (Hwy 19A). Our concerns include the stability of the slope and bluffs behind the proposed development, the height and size of the development, and its effect on traffic along Hwy 19A, both during and after construction.

The development would run from near the edge of the Casa Grande Hotel property, east to a location just under 423 West Crescent Road. “We’re NOT opposed to development. In fact, we’re all for development that is stable, smaller, and stylish.

To give you an idea of the size of the proposed development, the tallest structure at present on the stretch of highway between Memorial Avenue and Crescent Road West is the Casa Grande Hotel, which is three stories tall. This proposed development will change our precious waterfront along the Island Highway forever.

Ron Everard, Qualicum Beach

In regards to “your articles:”

Dear Editor:

Seemingly, the sole purpose of your articles is to denigrate local elected officials. Two questions:

1. any chance for a positive article; and,
2. since you profess to have much knowledge and expertise are you planning to run in the upcoming byelection or the next general election?


Howard Hambleton

EDITOR — To be clear, as we get asked this question often, neither myself (Lois Sampson, Editor) nor Gil Sampson, our civic affairs analyst, is currently planning to run in any election for any public office at any level anytime now or in the future.

Emma and Winston take their humans out for a walk. Qualicum Beach, BC February 2021

Regarding our article Fog obscures Todsen land lift:

Dear Editor:

[Article author] Gil Sampson displays a deliberate bias against the appraiser and his firm that prepared the land lift analysis. His characterization of their detailed calculations as “a startling opinion” disparages the professional background of the appraiser who has both the AACI™ and the P.App. designations.

These designations are issued by the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC). With over 5,400 members across the country and around the world, for over 80 years AIC has worked collaboratively with its 10 affiliated provincial associations to grant the distinguished Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI™) designation. 

The AACI designation is granted to individuals who have completed the AACI program of studies and fulfilled all the professional requirements of the AIC.  AACI members are qualified to offer valuation and consulting services and expertise for all types of real property.

Designated Members must adhere to AIC’s Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and undertake on-going professional development.  They enjoy the full support of the Institute and access to services, resources and intelligence that enables them to practise their profession with confidence.

The writer owes [name deleted] a sincere apology. [Editor: The Town of Qualicum Beach does not reveal this information, so we cannot confirm that the name provided by the letter writer is accurate.]

Julio Hassenpfeffer, Qualicum Beach

EDITOR: After our article Fog obscures Todsen land lift was published, QB Town Council has instructed staff (see February 24, 2021 Council meeting minutes) to commission a complete, independent review of the appraisal provided by Cunningham & Rivard Appraisals Ltd.

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