LETTERS: LED street lighting runaround

As we reported in our April 28, 2021 Letters section, Council and residents are awaiting further information from Town engineer Bob Weir about how he proposes to resolve the growing list of LED lighting complaints from QB residents. As the Town waits, the following email communication between Aldous Road resident Reid Bodie and Qualicum Beach Mayor Brian Wiese exemplifies the frustration that we continue to hear from the community. — Editor

January 31, 2021:

Photo by Reid Bodie, Qualicum Beach, BC, 2021.

Hi Brian,
I talked to you on the phone the other day [January 29] regarding the new lights that have been installed on the light standards on our street [Aldous Road]. I am very disappointed on how I was treated by Bob Weir. The lights are so bright that even with the blinds closed it lights up my bedroom as well as my living room. I have attached pictures of the light that is being cast directly at my house. It looks like a spot light on my house. We understand that the old lights were harmful to the environment and needed to be changed but these lights are ridiculously bright for a side street cul-de-sac. There must be a shade that can direct the light down or a bulb that is way dimmer.
Reid Bodie  

Two weeks later – February 12, 2021:

Hi Brian,
Checking in to see what is happening over the light issue.
Reid Bodie

Another two weeks later – February 26, 2021:

Hi Brian,
Could you let me know what is happening with these ridiculously bright lights.
Reid Bodie

Another four weeks later – March 24, 2021:

Hi Brian,
I spoke to you on Jan 29. You asked me to write an email about the new very bright street lights. You told me that you would look into the issue and get back to me. I have not heard from you so I am writing you again to see what can be done to resolve this issue.
Reid Bodie 

Finally, next day – March 25, 2021:

Glare from new street lights being installed in Qualicum Beach make it difficult to see the roadway. Walkers avert their eyes, and drivers lower their sun visors to minimize the glare. February 1, 2021 Qualicum Beach, BC

Good morning Mr. Brodie [sic]. 

I don’t have the answer to your question as of yet and to be totally truthful, not sure there will be an answer that you will like. As I said before, let’s give it some time and there might be a solution but nothing today. I see Parksville went with the 3000 lumin [sic] lights and some residents there aren’t happy either. It seams [sic] to be an LED issue, not the warmth of the lights and that’s what creates the problem. Other solutions may come, but as I said, I have not heard of anything yet. I will keep you posted.
Kind regards,


[Mayor Brian Wiese]

Editor — That was eight weeks ago. Mr. Bodie has heard nothing since from anyone at the Town of Qualicum Beach.

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