LETTERS: Lower speed limits needed – Hamilton Marsh trash dumping – Farmers Market kudos – Tree Day proposal

September 02, 2023

  • Lower speed limits needed in town
  • Farmers Market kudos
  • Hamilton Marsh trash dumping decried
  • Group proposes National Tree Day planting event in QB

Speed kills – lower limits needed in town

Dear Editor,

Qualicum Beach Town Council’s vote of 3 to 2 recently rejected a motion to reduce the Town’s speed limit from 50 to 40 Km. Many Towns and municipalities have introduced such legislation in residential areas, yet the Town preaches traffic safety but claims it does not have enough funding to achieve that goal. Reducing the posted speed limit does not cost a cent except for new signs and increased police enforcement which we already pay for. So why has the Council not ordered a reduction in speed limits? As Mayor Westbroek said, “If there is a will, then there is a way.” It follows, absent strong political will (leadership), there is “no way,” and all this talk about traffic safety is lip service.

Why is this important?

General traffic enforcement practice is not to enforce posted speed limits above 10 km. That means a ticket is very unlikely if a car travels 60 km in a 50 km zone. So really, the speed limit is 60 km, which creeps up to 70 km because if you don’t enforce a rule, it won’t be respected.

Let’s talk about 19A, especially west of the roundabout to Laburnum. The posted Speed on the roundabout is 30 km, but once out of the roundabout, the posted speed limit increases to 50 km. So based on general enforcement practice, 50 km becomes 70 km and without reducing the posted speed limit to 30 km coupled with rigid enforcement, our beach area road will be nothing more than a racetrack. And, as we all know, Speed Kills!

Sadly, the answer is straightforward, but it requires an honest commitment to our community’s safety and the safe development of our most important tourist attraction, especially for young families, our beach areas, as promised by the Waterfront Master Plan.

Doreen MacKay-Dunn, Qualicum Beach

Farmers Market Kudos


First I would like to thank you for the wonderful articles you have published on our market vendors, Fermented Future Farms and Island Hot House.  

Our market recently participated in an economic impact study and I thought I would share the preliminary results with you.

I have also included some photos of our market. The photographer was Siska Gremelprez @darkbluespace and we have permission to use the photos. 

Wishing you a lovely day. 

Launie Elves, Market Manager, Qualicum Beach Farmers Market

Editor’s Note: As noted in the attached media release, “Financial assistance for the study was provided by the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets and the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food.”

Hamilton Marsh trash dumping decried

Dear Editor,

Photo – Sally Soanes

This past Sunday a group of us went out to Hamilton Marsh to clean up garbage there as the RDN was coming out for a look.

There was a pile of birthday party garbage left in the ditch. Name and address clearly written on it. The party favours had obviously been sent to them and they dumped the lot. It was obviously done in front of children as the party favors were scattered everywhere.

The other litter that was extremely concerning was the copious amount of cigarette butts. Much of the other detritus was toilet paper, used! It was everywhere.

Later in the week we returned and found more trash at Hamilton Marsh.

Honestly this is the most precious piece of property as it feeds both the French Creek watershed and Grandon [Creek] as well. There’s still water in the marsh.

To degrade this property is criminal on so many levels but it’s up to the neighbours and the community at large to protect it. Let’s speak up when it’s abused like this. The careless use of this property should be condemned. 

Sally Soanes, Parksville

Editor’s Note: See our profile Grandon Creek canyon sparkles in the heart of QB.

Group proposes National Tree Day planting event in QB

Dear Mayor and Council,

I am writing today on behalf of the Friends of Qualicum Beach Forest (FQBF) to request your support and assistance with planting a tree(s) in Qualicum Beach to honour National Tree Day, September 20th.

National Tree Day (NTD) is a day for Canadians to come together in appreciation of trees, their natural beauty, and the many benefits they provide. NTD is celebrated every September on the Wednesday of National Forest Week. Join us on September 20th, 2023 to connect with nature and take action on climate change!”

Since Council will be away that week, we suggest Sept 25th 2023, as an alternative date for the tree planting activity.

The source of funds for this activity should come from the tree replacement fund, specifically, from the $10,000 received from 245 Mill Rd and 595 Spruce St. where significant mature tree removal occurred. Our request would include both funds for the tree(s) purchase, the assistance of a town arborist, the physical planting (dependent on the results of the previously noted items) and ongoing maintenance.

On the advice of Dr. Lynne Brookes, President of the Arrowsmith Naturalist Society and Retired Professional Forester Tom Whitfield, we recommend planting Garry Oaks (Quercus garryana). They are tough, long lived, stately, grow well in our area and are adaptable to climate change. If no suitable candidates are available, then an alternative tree that will thrive in our changing climate should be chosen.

Symbolically, our preference is for a public and highly visible location. We recommend 1st Ave and Jones St. next to the Lawn Bowling centre. This planting could be the beginning of an annual event that recognizes National Tree Day (NTD) and further supports both the Towns Urban Forest Master Plan and Tree Protection bylaw.

We look forward to the opportunity for further discussion and working with the town on this initiative. Given the very short timeframe involved (approximately 1 month), we would greatly appreciate your prompt attention to this request.


John Phillips on behalf of the Friends of Qualicum Beach Forest

NB:    It is our understanding that the tree must meet the BCSLA (British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects) or BCLNA (British Columbia Landscape & Nursery Association) Landscape Standards and must be planted in accordance with those standards.

Editor’s Note: Letter writer John Phillips wanted to acknowledge the contributions of other members of the Friends of the Qualicum Beach Forest. He says, “The letter was based on a suggestion by Jay Smith. The letter itself was a team effort with substantial input from Jay, Pat Jacobson and Charna Macfie.

The group can be contacted through Facebook at: Friends of Qualicum Beach Forest

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