LETTERS: Mayor Wiese balks at Councillor Filmer’s request to review pre-COVID capital projects

Lance Nater writes:

A recent article in the PQB News regarding an RDN meeting, quotes Mayor Wiese as withdrawing the Town’s $2,500 grant application for new signage at the airport. The Mayor explained this responsible and magnanimous act by acknowledging our troubling times and financial constraints.

Now let’s consider the Mayor’s leadership at Council. Councillor Filmer has repeatedly tried to have Council review the Town’s capital projects. The Mayor and council members have repeatedly kicked the can down the road questioning the purpose of such a review, the use of staff time, etc.

On May 13 the Mayor stated that Councillor Filmer made this request for a capital projects review with the intent to try and have some projects cut. Councillor Filmer responded his intent was not to cut anything but to possibly delay some projects until the Town’s financial position improves. It was finally agreed that Council would consider a list of capital projects at their June Council meeting.

How does the Mayor acknowledge the circumstances we are all facing with his peers at the RDN and then express the view of “business as usual” in Qualicum Beach? It is unfortunate that residents living under circumstances where they can be easily ignored and elected officials cannot be held accountable for their actions, or inactions.