LETTERS: merchant eviction decried – trail paving – more Council exemptions?


Barb Ewens writes:

Very disturbed by the news that Mr. Lee has been evicted and that Kim’s will cease to be. 

Kim’s is my go to place every week for farm fresh eggs and not long ago when I said “See you soon Mr. Lee” the response was maybe!! That started a conversation where I learned about his eviction and how it was done.

So in QB, just who is open when QB is closed?  Kim’s has always been my ‘go to’ place when QB is closed!!!  and I need milk, cream, whip cream, bread, bacon, not to mention his freezer full of Korean dumplings when I’ve forgotten something or company arrives unexpectedly.

So what, now we will have a SUPER PHARMASAVE selling pots and pans, bread and milk, clothing, toys, and on and on it goes.  All that will be competing with our small business owners up and down Memorial and 2nd.

Even though I love the pharmacists, I am boycotting Pharmasave and will now get my multitude of medical supplies and prescriptions at the little pharmacy up on Fern Road.

SO YES, I am very disturbed by the news that Mr. Lee has been evicted. A man of integrity who has contributed to our community for 20 years, whose children spent their entire school life in QB. His son who now serves in the Canadian military and his daughter who just last month graduated from Medical School and once she completes her internship will come home to QB to practice medicine.  YES, RIGHT HERE IN QB where we have a shortage of doctors.


Colm Harty writes:

Why are we hardtop paving trails that were formally natural? Hardtop is not suitable for extensive walking – especially for older people.


Faith and David Robertson write:

We read with interest your story about the legal challenge to the development of the Laburnam property in the watershed. We live on Higson Crescent and were told this land was a watershed and protected by a Town of Qualicum worker who happened to be checking on that area as we were walking through – to find homes going in was a bit of a shock.

We have a property behind us on 263 Buller Road that had 4 stop work orders and a tear down order. Despite the Town having won a law suit against this owner/builder we have been living with a garbage dump of used building materials and garbage for 5 years, as the city refuses to get on with cleaning up the site which is a sensitive waterfront lot.

We now have variance applications coming from the other side of us on 217 Higson Crescent for a house spanning 2 waterfront properties that wants a height exemption, a setback exemption, and a redesign of the foreshore beach including a 16 foot breakwater in the ocean in front of their house. (They will need this breakwater if they plan on ignoring the new setback rules to protect their house which shouldn’t be built there in the first place).

The neighbourhood is unanimous in their objections to these variance requests.

Incoming tide at the Qualicum Beach waterfront