Letters: Objections to clear-cutting residential lots, Todsen subdivision, birds

In regards to escalating clear-cutting of trees on residential and Town land

January 20, 2021

Dear Mayor and Councillors –

I am writing on behalf of the Qualicum Woods Residents Association.

We would like to express our concern relative to the continuing and escalating loss of trees in our Qualicum Woods neighbourhood.

The latest example of this can be seen in the attached images of the clear cut of a recently sold subdivided lot (from 534 Quatna Road) across the street from 454 Qualicum Road, which took place January 5-6. Not one tree is left standing.

Clear-cut property on Qualicum Road in Qualicum Beach. Todd Provost photo

We understand that most of the trees likely had to be removed to accommodate a new home. However, the fact that this landowner was free to do this, without any discussion with the Town, is unacceptable.

If there was a formal Tree and Vegetation Management Plan in place, with its associated bylaws, the landowner may have been required to save a few of these trees, or at the very least make a commitment to plant some replacement trees. The fate of our Urban Tree Canopy is at stake.

Please advise when the long-awaited public discussion on the Draft Tree and Vegetation Management Plan is scheduled.

Yours truly,

Todd Provost Vice-President – Qualicum Woods Residents Association

copies to: Qualicum Beach Residents Association, Daniel Sailland, Luke Sales

In regards to our story about a salmonella outbreak in local birds

Pine siskin. BC Wildlife Rescue photo

The story by Matthew McDermand earlier in your ‘Breakers’ section was so helpful and timely. As I was reading the article I was noticing out our window a very quiet, fluffy pine siskin sitting on my bird feeder not eating or hopping around with the others. A little later I went out and it was sitting still under the feeder. I immediately took the feeder down, thoroughly cleaned, and retired it. A few days later I saw two of these little guys dead just outside the cemetery gates. I hope that I did not contribute too much to this outbreak but I am so appreciative of you for running the story and especially to Matthew for his thoughtful and well-written piece. 
Well done!
Robert Boates

In regards to the proposed Todsen subdivision on Estate Property lands

Dear Mayor and two QB councillors,

I’m concerned about three people representing the town without two other town councillors, and making decisions that are against the majority opinion of QB’s community members.

90% of residents in Qualicum Beach support keeping the protections in place for the Estate Residential forest properties. The QB Official Community Plan recognizes this treasure as needing protection from development to protect green space and forests for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. In the face of climate change, we need to protect our urban forests.

As you know, a survey postcard was mailed randomly to residents. But the results were never shared. 6000+ people have signed a petition against Todsen’s development!!

Please do the “right” thing. You were elected to represent the community members of this town, and they want to protect this forested land. What will your children and grandchildren say to you when they learn that you went against the long-term needs of the town for short-term and financial gain? What would motivate you to go against the majority of community members? 

Official community plans are in place to guide our elected representatives. Please stop this development and restore the land. 

Thank you for your serious consideration of my plea, which I’m writing on behalf of the 6,000 people who live in QB who want to protect our forest and have already said no to this development. You can stop this travesty of justice.


Amanda Griesbach