LETTERS: Parksville Chamber employee criticizes QB businesses – Eaglecrest drainage problems

PQB News September 22, 2021

The following letter references a comment published in the PQB News regarding their story “Qualicum Beach staff members want to save $50K by closing cardboard disposal bin.” Ed.

Parksville Chamber of Commerce employee criticizes QB businesses

Good Morning,

I am sending this email to express my disappointment in the recent letter to the editor in the PQB news by a PAID EMPLOYEE of the Chamber of Commerce as follows:

“All for saving $50,000. I only ever see businesses filling it up and as taxpayers we are paying for that service – which really only benefits a few.” Lisa Wallace

Qualicum Beach, BC

As Ms. Wallace should be well aware, not only residents pay taxes in this town. Businesses pay taxes too, a portion of which pay her salary. The bin, as such, is also paid for by businesses and should be available for businesses to use. That is the obvious and glaring issue with her tone-deaf statement.

The underlying issue, if her keen observations on the use of the bin are correct, is that some businesses NEED this facility to direct their commercial recyclables away from the landfill. Some commercial landlords are able to provide on-site bins, others are not. As the Chamber exists to SUPPORT BUSINESSES in this town, it should then be noted that paid employees might consider how they can work with the Town to come up with a solution to support the business community, instead of publicly shaming them for spending taxpayer dollars.

Robin Bruner, Qualicum Beach

Eaglecrest drainage ditch maintenance being neglected

Several Residents of the 1100 block of Pintail Drive have been campaigning both the Golf Club and the Town of QB to clear the ditch behind our properties of excessive vegetation growth.

This ditch which drains a large part of the Eaglecrest residential area and beyond handles a large volume of water during the rain season. We are concerned that the vegetation has grown to the point of impeding the water flow during these times.

The last time there was any maintenance work done on the ditch was October 2011 so it is not surprising that there is a problem after being neglected for so long.

My effort to get a response after two attempts to each party has failed.

Norman Campbell, Qualicum Beach

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