LETTERS: partisan mayors moving QB backwards

It seems our town is moving backwards, not forward. I was stunned a few days ago when I noticed that Qualicum Beach was not on any of the “Best Places” lists for Canada or even BC any more, and I looked at quite a few articles on the topic. Searching and searching for Qualicum Beach to show up on a list, any list. Nothing. It’s not even on any list for best places to retire anymore. 

I don’t usually get involved directly in politics, send messages to my representatives or write articles for newspapers, but in light of current situations, I feel it is not only essential, but my duty as a resident to do so. Since moving to Qualicum Beach a few years ago I’ve taken much pride in my town, and I guess because of that, I want to have a voice, as silent as it usually is. 

The current priorities and methodologies are not acceptable, and I’m hoping the next election will purge this infection. It simply cannot happen too soon.

I find it so interesting that two of the youngest councilors, Robert Filmer and Adam Walker, care more about the integrity of Qualicum Beach; preserving what we have, but still interested in moving our town forward with a clear, planned and enlightened vision with community involvement, than our ex-mayor and our new one, who seem to be more interested in excluding both other councilors and the town population in general from their decisions, most of which have been either terribly timed, or just terrible in general. It almost seems that if Mayor Brian Wiese had his way, he’d just raze the town, our forests and wetlands and start over.

Councillors Filmer and Walker have been rational, intelligent voices on Council and the best chance we have had of keeping town processes and decision making in check. I can only imagine the frustration of Councilors Filmer and Walker at witnessing how things have unfolded in our town the last couple of years because we have elected such a partisan mayor and ex-mayor. Both of these men have been complete failures in fulfilling their roles as guardians of our town.

In 2018, Brian Wiese made the following comment in the PQB newspaper while running for mayor. “As mayor, I see my role as a consensus-builder, kind of a guardian and promoter of the quality of life in Qualicum Beach.”  I have yet to see any of this. Since becoming mayor, Wiese has made countless decisions that have had neither town input, nor “consensus”. Nor have I seen him exhibit “guardianship” of our town and its great and many precious natural resources, small business owners or residents. Mayor Wiese can’t even work respectfully with other town councilors. Instead, he has continually proven he does not respect the Council, the town or his position as mayor.

Robert Filmer and Adam Walker have had a fantastic, positive impact in Qualicum Beach. I look forward to Councillor Filmer’s return, and I’m hoping that in his new position as our MLA, Adam Walker can continue to fight for us here in QB.

There is definitely something rotten going on in Qualicum Beach Council right now. The current priorities and methodologies are not acceptable, and I’m hoping the next election will purge this infection. It simply cannot happen too soon.

Tim Popoff, Qualicum Beach