Letters: politicians obligated to heed citizens

In response to our previous article on the spectre of our in-town woodland trails being replaced with blacktop, Howard Coram writes:

Council must not tamper with the terms of the OCP without a full and open public meeting to allow all residents’ opinions and objections to be heard and thoughtfully considered. There must not be closed door or in-camera meetings from which changes to the OCP are implemented. No changes to zoning  bylaws should be made without the specific consent of the electorate.

Any public official involved in decisions or petitions for personal gain or from obligations to election funding or promises, real or implied, should  be immediately removed from office.

Failure to recuse oneself from discussion and/or participation or voting in matters relating to the above should be subject to censure, fines or criminal proceedings or recall.

Howard Coram

This handsome fellow seen on West Second Avenue in the heart of Qualicum Beach.