LETTERS: Ravensong upgrade — Weinberg’s — Town selling woodland

Pool upgrade

Faith Robertson responds to our recent article Has the Ravensong Pool upgrade been run up on the rocks?

Ravensong Aquatic Centre in Qualicum Beach, BC.

According to the article, the RDN is of the opinion that two aquatic centres cannot be supported in the Parksville Qualicum area. I can’t believe this is anywhere near the truth.

I have given up trying to access aquasize at the Ravensong Pool — no matter if it is an early or late class they are all more than full — they are uncomfortably crowded. I know many people that have also given up trying to squeeze into a class and then try to towel off and dress in a packed change room. In the attempts to establish a regular exercise routine, I attended some of the later classes for aquasize. They were filled with people from Nanaimo, Bowser, Errington, Parksville, Nanoose and Qualicum Beach.

In my opinion if there was another facility built in Parksville it would quickly be filled to capacity with Parksville residents as well as Nanoose and North Nanaimo. The people who actually live close to Ravensong could possibly again access the pool while continuing to share it with people from Bowser and Qualicum North. There is far more demand for a pool and possibly a weight room or gym than these communities are presently offering.

Faith Robertson, Qualicum Beach

Weinberg’s Good Food, Qualicum Beach, BC.

Weinberg’s Good Food draws drools

That shop [Weingberg’s Good Food] looks wonderful. I do need to poke around there. It is on our to-do list, first thing the next time we can get back to Qualicum.

J. Sheridan, Langley, BC

Wooded lot at 504 Juniper Drive

In our previous issue, we published two letters criticizing the Town’s plan to sell the wooded lot at 504 Juniper Drive. Pat Jacobson sent the following letter to Qualicum Beach Mayor Brian Wiese and Council on March 17, 2021.

To Mayor Wiese and Council –

This letter is to express my extreme personal disappointment to see the property at 504 Juniper Drive come up for sale.

Map of Qualicum Woods (lower left quadrant) showing at centre the wooded 504 Juniper Drive bordering Island Hwy 19A. Google maps

Presumably you are aware that this property is a Coastal Douglas Fir (CDF) Forest Remnant, which we articulated well in our QWRA [Qualicum Woods Residents Association] presentation of July 15th, 2020.  It has old growth Douglas Fir.  It is biodiverse.  It is relatively healthy, with few invasive plants.  It provides connectivity for wildlife.  It is a buffer for the neighbourhood. As you can see in the “Google Map” attached, in terms of forest patches in Qualicum Woods, it is likely the largest one left.  Adjacent to it, is a larger patch of forest which is privately owned and has no protection.

In addition, this decision was made in an “in camera” meeting.  I don’t understand why this was necessary.  It was public knowledge that this land was being considered for sale.  It would have been helpful to have the decision making process aired in the public domain.

I also would have thought that, with the recent significant Town owned land sales, the urgency to sell high value natural “green” space would have been diminished.  If we are selling this land to pay for overspending on other projects, that seems like very short-term thinking.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has just declared Eastern Vancouver Island to be in “ecocrisis.

We need to do better to protect our natural environment.

Pat Jacobson, Qualicum Beach

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