LETTERS: School Board trustee responds

March 28, 2023 – We received this letter from SD 69 Trustee Barry Kurland in response to our article School Board impedes public access to information which reads, in part:

February 24, 2023 – If a recent School District 69 Board meeting is any indication, the Board seems to be intentionally trying to prevent, not encourage, public engagement. The tip-off was an innocuous enough topic on the Board’s January 24, 2023 Meeting Agenda, “In-person / Zoom Recording of Board Meetings. …”

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“Trustee Barry Kurland suggested the Board needed to first consult with the District Parent Advisory Council. DPAC, one of a handful of guests invited to each Board Meeting, are a non-elected group of people with no accountability to the public. Trustee Kurland’s puzzling interjection appeared to undercut the Board’s leadership responsibility and public accountability. …”

Dear Editor,

The reason why I suggested involving DPAC, is that
1. Their opinion matters
2. Parents of school children have every right to not want their children’s images to appear on Youtube or the internet for obvious reasons. Some of our ED com meetings have presentation by children in our district.

My intention wasn’t to confuse, but to consult.

Barry Kurland, School District 69 Trustee, Electoral Area H

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