LETTERS – unfulfilled promises

Paul Kyba wrote:

I refer to the recent article in your excellent publication concerning news boxes in Qualicum Beach. I have no problem with news boxes but am most concerned that residents were seen wearing white before May 24th in the village this year. As we all know, white should not be worn after Labour Day or before Victoria Day each year. I remain, yours sincerely,

Cameron Eaton wrote:

This is an open letter to Mayor Brian Wiese, Councillor Scott Harrison and Councillor Teunis Westbroek. 

I would like to remind you that during the last election campaign when you were running for office, you emphasized the need for openness, cooperation and transparency in our local council. There would be cooperation.

Yet, what have you done? You have created division, ignored concerned citizen input, and conducted much of the people’s business in camera. Gave yourselves a 65% pay increase and became some of the highest paid elected municipal officials in BC without any public consultation.

Where is the $1,153,458 coming from to fund the East Village project? Where are the funds for the beachfront roundabout? Where is the promised affordable housing plan?

You are answerable to the citizens and taxpayers of Qualicum Beach and have a responsibility to manage our money wisely.

Attempting to sell off Town assets to pay the bills is completely irresponsible. Allowing development next to wetlands is unacceptable. Developing the “East Village” is not good business if it has retail storefronts. It will hurt the retail business to the west of Beach Avenue which is already struggling. Spending money to build a roundabout when the economy is in recession is an irresponsible use of money, let alone borrowed money that is only a short-term loan. How do you plan to pay that back? Raise taxes? 

Because of the Covid 19 virus, revenues have fallen, business income has suffered and there will be less tax revenue. Neighbouring municipalities have seen the light and scaled back on their projects and spending. Covid 19 has created a new reality; embrace it and learn from it.