LETTERS: Wiese appointment as alternate RDN director raises concerns – School facilities decline

February 24, 2023

  • Wiese appointment as alternate RDN director
  • School facilities decline
  • Importance of an informed community

Dear Editor,

ReVived Vintage, Qualicum Beach, B.C.

Thank you for producing this informative and insightful news magazine. It fills an important role in the community and pushes back against the lethargy of our citizens. I really appreciate the briefings each issue provides.

John MacFarlane, Qualicum Beach

Dear Editor,

I was alarmed to see Mr. Brian Wiese’s involvement in RDN G area. [Re Appointment of former mayor Wiese as RDN alternate raises concern

While he was mayor of QB, the paved pathway along Hoylake Road West was done with unseemly haste, ending in the deforestation beside the pathway, which has destroyed a Heron rookery.

I think that is imperative that anyone connected to the real estate industry not be allowed to hold a municipal office, as this is clearly a conflict of interest.

Yours sincerely,
John Rieger MD, Qualicum Beach

See story published by Second Opinion QB on Aug 24, 2020 about the construction of the paved pathway referred to by the writer above: Mayor Wiese and Town engineer Weir ordered to stop violating federal law — Editor

We received a copy of the following email that was sent to the Board Chair of the Regional District of Nanaimo, Vanessa Craig, regarding the appointment of former QB mayor Brian Wiese as an alternate RDN board member. — Editor


I am a resident of Area G.  I just found out that an alternate has been named to the Board who is a resident of Qualicum Beach, not Area G!!!! 

How can this happen?  How can a non-resident know, understand or be able to make informed decisions about an area they do not live in, and the consequences of their actions of no concern because it will not affect them – or if it does, it will be their pocketbook???? 

I am very dismayed that a realtor and developer from Qualicum Beach will have a say over my property and life!! 

Another Alternate from Area G should be named immediately.

Regards, a concerned long-time resident of Area G.

Christine Ross

Dear Editor,

Thank you Second Opinion! I have just recently started reading Second Opinion QB. Each article I have read is informative and appears to be grounded in facts and therefore very important to read. 

These expensive and important facilities need to be better managed and used and enjoyed by the whole community!

Cathy MacFarlane

Second Opinion QB is timely and at times shocking to read what is happening here in our community, such as the decline of our local school facilities and the poor leadership of those representing our school facilities. These expensive and important facilities need to be better managed and used and enjoyed by the whole community!

Another article exposed the outrageous giving, by our town council without discussion, of $90,000.00 or more to the local Legion, our previous mayor`s old hangout to impress his buddies!! 

Thank you again for alerting me to these issues and opinions grounded in facts. Ensuring Second Opinion QB is read by as many people here as possible, creates an important opposition to the emergence of runaway individuals or councils with power and money and no time for the democratic process.


Cathy MacFarlane, Qualicum Beach

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