Local nature photographer captures wildlife spring fling

February 4, 2022 – As a prelude to spring, treat yourself to a stroll through this gallery of photographs by local nature photographer Deborah Freeman. A consummate lover of all creatures great and small, and the land they inhabit, Deb’s intense interest and curiosity in the wild world around us results in spectacular photography, where even the most “common” of birds, and other critters, get star treatment.

Elegant image of a junco against a snowy sky.

Sea lions meet up during calm seas, which leads to something more… amorous(?) below

As a slightly scandalized otter looks on above, indifferent coromorants below ignore the show.

This pair of Mallard ducks was seen getting in on the action too! Deb assures us they were mating.

While the owl checks the action out, slightly disapproving. Or, does that look say “Dinner?”

A towhee sits for his portrait.

Meanwhile, Deb’s keen eye spotted this gorgeous creature busy building her nest on the shoreline.

An American kestrel suns itself on a rooftop showing off its spectacular plumage.

Anna’s hummingbird below, an ever-present companion that over-winters here in Qualicum Beach.

Last, but not least, our cover girl:

Just before she plunged off her perch, below.