Party pretty at home — frocks from $ to $$$ at QB shops

Threads and Treasures, Qualicum Beach, BC.

And so, this is Christmas… And what have we got? Another year older, and… sccrrreeeeeecchhhh!!!! Forget that tune. (Apologies Sarah McLachlan. The rest of the tunes on Wintersong are great.)

You can still splash out for the holidays with a fab party dress at home with your loved ones, or on Zoom with everyone!

QB is home to a surprising number of women’s clothing shops. Treat yourself or surprise your partner for the holidays.

Whether your bank account is slim or stuffed, you can grab some real style at these women’s fashion stores in Qualicum Beach. Gift certificates are available, and appreciated.

Spoiler alert — some of the nicest dresses were seen at the Sally Ann boutique.

IMPULSE Apparel and Accessories

The calming, colourful diplays at Impulse Apparel in Qualicum Beach, BC.

This is the place to go for carefully selected lines of women’s clothing and avant garde jewellery.

Puffy silver winter jackets splashed with colourful art prints also caught our eye.

Impulse is at C-702 Memorial Avenue in Qualicum Beach. Open Monday – Saturday: 11am-4pm. 250-752-1177


Deep blue velvet dress at Threads and Treasures, Qualicum Beach, BC.

Searching for something you won’t find in major chains or typical big box stores? This aptly named women’s consignment clothing store features exquisite finds of quality party clothing, shoes, handbags, jewellry and casual wear.

Threads and Treasures is at 119 Second Avenue West, Qualicum Beach, BC, 250.594.4424. Closed Dec 25 – Jan 4, 2021.

Displays with style and humour at Threads and Treasures, Qualicum Beach, BC.

MOD Apparel

Window display at MOD Apparel in Qualicum Beach, BC.

This bright airy clothing boutique has a fun ambience, starting with the cute blush pink sweatshirt in the window with The Babes Club written on the front displayed beneath strings of snowball pom-poms.

MOD Apparel has just about everything for the fun-loving woman, from toques, scarves and terrific tees to lingerie and smart handbags. We also noted a display of fine fedoras.

MOD Apparel is located at 672 Beach Rd Unit 1A, Qualicum Beach, BC. Open Monday- Saturday 11:00- 5:00pm. 250.594.5594 Holiday Hours: Open Dec 24 10-2; Dec 28-30 11-5 and Dec 31 11-3.


Flirty black lace and elegant chinoiserie cocktail dresses seen at the Sally Ann Boutique in Qualicum Beach.

The Sally Ann Boutique, otherwise known as the Mt. Arrowsmith Salvation Army Thrift Store, is a favourite of many. If you get there at the right time, you can snag some amazing dresses, shoes and purses to liven up your holiday mood.

The Sally Ann Boutique offers gift certificates too!

The Sally Ann Boutique is located at 671 Beach Rd in Qualicum Beach, BC. 250.752.1850. Open Mon to Sat 9:30am-4:30pm. Holiday hours: Dec 24 9:30 to 1pm;  Dec 28-20 regular hours; Dec 31 9:30 to 1 pm.


Little Black Dress offers a range of smart looks for the modern young woman, jackets, hats, elegant dresses, sumptuous sweaters, skinny jeans and casual jewellery.

Natural fibre clothes that are not always easy to find are available at the LBD, including wool, cashmere, mohair items.

Little Black Dress is located at 123 W 2nd Avenue, Qualicum Beach 250.594.2226 Hours 11AM – 5 pm.

COVET West Coast Style

A fixture in Qualicum Beach since 2013, Covet is a must-stop boutique shop. Lots of casual items, lounge outfits, boots, handbags plus decorative items for the home.

Go for fun “All Day” PJs, then switch to velveteen pants in the evening paired with a linen blend shirt, or…

Covet is located at 702 Memorial Avenue in Qualicum Beach. 250.738.0522 Holiday Hours: Dec 24, 9-4, Dec 28-31 10-5:30 pm.

ARBUTUS Fashion and Lifestyle

Another fixture on the women’s fashion scene in QB, Arbutus has a wide array of interesting women’s wear like this colourful Tibetan-style coat ensemble displayed at the door, plus silver jewellry, luscious local made soaps, designer travel mugs and much more.

Arbutus is located at 147 Second Avenue West in Qualicum Beach, 250.738.9008. Holiday hours: Dec 26 noon to 5 pm; Dec 27-31 10AM – 5pm.


Two gentlemen shopping for gifts for their partners at Brown-Eyed Susan’s in Qualicum Beach, BC.

The ultimate source of lingerie, nightwear, beach and cruise wear in QB. We were amazed at the variety and quantity of swim suits now in stock.

Brown-Eyed Susan’s is located at 210 Second Avenue West in Qualicum Beach 250.738.0638 Hours: 11AM-4pm.

If we missed anyone, please let us know!

Seen at Threads and Treasures in Qualicum Beach, BC.