QB Speaks! on democracy in quarantine

Your recent article on meeting access

I just read your article about lack of community access to democratic process under covid 19. I wanted to let you know that as elected official for Area G of the RDN, there has been recent progress on this topic as a bylaw was passed earlier this week to allow committee meetings to resume, virtually. The zoom recording is available on the rdn website if you would like to see how a video delegation was on the agenda this week and was really effective, as well as the bylaw details. I will say that in my expereince a large number of people are doing their best in unprecedented times and not sure your article reflects the efforts and care about this challenge in these new circumstances.

Lehann Wallace

We appreciate Lehann’s feedback. The RDN Board’s Zoom-enabled meeting on April 28 was well done, and incorporated a virtual delegation, by video presentation, followed by an interactive audio discussion with the guest. While the survey of municipal Councils used as research for the article was intentionally not exhaustive and excluded large regional district Boards, we applaud every municipal government, including your RDN team, who strive to enable as much public engagement as possible. Ed.

QB speaks with heart – Benjamin Moore “storefront beach” on 2nd Avenue in QB