School’s out, summer’s in!

June 30, 2022 – It’s finally here. School year done and dusted. Everyone seeking fun in the sun. Some views of life in Qualicum Beach at the start of summer 2022.

Down at the QB Waterfront (above left) and QB chalk artist (above right), who often delights strollers and beach-goers with his chalk designs on the waterfront walkway, taking his cool retro bike out for a spin at the Qualicum Beach Farmers’ Market.

Looking for some time outs? Here are a couple of ideas.

Something for the whole family here at QB’s Community Park.

Thought bubble: One day, when I’m big… I’m going to go to school all by myself!

Checking out the jumps.
Olive in action.

Qualicum Beach Day is Sunday, July 17th! Usually the best weather of the year. Grow your gardening skills online thanks to the QB Library and the Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association.

Fun-filled fundraiser to help re-unite Syrian family.

Plaaaayy ball ! Or, try your best skateboard moves with pals. QB’s Community Park is a laid-back gem with lots to offer everyone.

A picnic at the beach. What could be better?

Ride of choice. This smart Qualicum Beach resident traded-in her e-bike for a 100% eco friendly, classed-up trike. Ordered in from one of our fine local bike shops!