The Beach!

The beach!

Qualicum Beach has one of the loveliest beaches on Vancouver Island. QB’s waterfront is a place where children and dogs frolic with abandon, and families of multiple generations gather to picnic at tables strung along the promenade.

The QB beach is also a popular swimming beach, something rare for the Island whose beaches, lovely though they are, often lack the winning combination of low-tide silky sand and deep, swimmable water that we enjoy here at Qualicum Beach.

Strolling the beach is a favourite pasttime for many people. Starfish, sand dollars, squirts from geoduck clams, and if you catch it at the right time, baby crabs racing down the rivulets of water to the sea.

Now that July – and the sun – are finally here, let’s hit the beach…

  • Yoga’s back – on the beach or online
  • All-ages socializing
  • Head for the water on a Dragonfly standup paddle board
  • Beach libraries
  • Bring your own picnic or get a Shore takeout
  • Tide table guide

Yoga’s back – on the beach or online

Oceanside Yoga is hosting its popular beach yoga classes again. All levels welcome. Participants will bring their own mats or practice on the grass without mats.

Courtesy of Oceanside Yoga

Also here in Qualicum Beach, Yoga Grace has opened up again. All participants must register in advance because studio class sizes will be reduced to accommodate COVID-19 regulations.

Check online for registration details and class fees.

Both Oceanside Yoga and Yoga Grace also offer online classes.

All-ages socializing

One of the nicest features of QB’s beach is that all ages seem to congregate with one another with ease. It’s not uncommon to see everyone from toddlers to teens and grandparents playing, relaxing, and just enjoying the sun, surf and sand in each other’s presence. The water’s pretty nice too.

Social distancing at its best — right here at Qualicum Beach.

Head for the water on a Dragonfly standup paddle board

The waterfront at Qualicum Beach is home to Dragonfly Standup Paddle Board Adventures. Dragonfly SUP for short.

“Since we are often on the water, a text message is the best way to connect with us.” send us a text at 1-604-617-9194

Owner Mickey Doersksen says, “Standup paddleboarding, by its very nature, is a great way to get some fresh air, have some fun and exercise all while still maintaining safe physical distance from one another.”

Dragonfly SUP offers a wide range of boards plus safety gear and instructions. All rentals include a free basic mini intro lesson, a board, a paddle, life jacket + whistle, leash and safety overview.

Mickey recommends that people contact them ahead of time to arrange rentals. “Since we are often on the water,” he says “a text message is the best way to connect with us.” send us a text at 1-604-617-9194

Check out their website homepage video if you want to know how magical a paddle along the QB waterfront can be.

Beach libraries – we have two!

Want something trashy to read as you listen to the music of the waves? You might find it at one of our two free beach libraries located along the waterfront promenade. Or, you might just find a bestseller or a classic. There are often lots of books for kiddies and young adults too.

One of our beach libraries is located near the shower and washroom building, and the other is located at the east end of the promenade next to the Visitor Info Centre. Help yourself or contribute something for other readers to enjoy.

Free library along promenade at waterfront.

Bring your own picnic or get a Shore takeout

The waterfront at Qualicum Beach is a favourite place to picnic. Whether it’s an elaborate spread on a table, a takeout sandwich on a bench, or a coffee on the grass, our beach is a stunning setting for an outdoor nosh.

If you haven’t brought your own food, you can satisfy your tastebuds with deck dining or takeout at Shore, located along the waterfront promenade.

The tide is high and I’m moving on…

Many people love to sunbathe on the sand. The best time for that is when the tide is out. Other people like to swim. The best time to catch the water at its warmest, is to wait until the tide has been in for an hour or so.

Don’t get caught planning to stretch out on the golden sand just when the tide comes rushing back in. Here’s this week’s tide chart for QB. Note: if you are a boater or need to know exact tides in Qualicum Beach for other reasons, the best source of tidal information is the tide chart for nearby Northwest Bay on the Canadian Hydrographic Service website.