The proposed Todsen subdivision – the next chapter

Readers following with close interest the application by Rick and Linda Todsen to subdivide a property they own in QB’s Estate Properties may have noticed an inconsistency between a letter to the editor from the Todsens published in the August 5, 2020 issue of PQB News, and previous articles published by Second Opinion QB on July 3, 2020 and on July 24, 2020.

In their letter, the Todsens acknowledge the existence of the Town’s staff recommendation that a comprehensive plan be developed for the future of the Estate Residential zone. However, the Todsens then go on to claim that “the staff recommendation was for it to be for future development, exclusive of the proposed subdivision.” [emphasis added]

The statement by the Todsens is false. The Town’s Planning Department staff — with the concurrence of Daniel Sailland, the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer — have consistently refused to support the Todsens’ sub-division application unless and until the Town prepares a comprehensive plan for the Estate Properties residential land. Their position on the Todsen application has not changed.

The block shown in purple is the location of the proposed Todsen subdivision.

If anyone, including the Todsens, are in doubt about who is correct, please read:

It is our request that the Todsens:

  • Provide the Town planning department with a public apology for mischaracterizing the Planning Department’s position, and specifically acknowledge that the Planning Department did not exclude the Todsens’ proposed subdivision;
  • Publish a written apology to the public in the PQB News correcting their mis-statement in the August 5, 2020 published letter; and,
  • Cease and desist in misleading the public in any future written or oral statements.

It is our position that the PQB News should also publish an apology for inadvertently allowing misinformation from the Todsens to be published in their newspaper, and that PQB News should append a clarification to the Todsen letter where the letter appears online.

Public information meeting

Speaking of the August 5, 2020 edition of PQB News, eagle eyes may have noticed a teeny advertisement on page 23 of the newspaper inviting the public to an information session on August 19, 2020. Note: this event appears to be hosted by the Todsens — it is not an official Town public hearing. Interested Qualicum Beach residents can attend, but must first register online.