Vintage beauties colour QB’s shopping district

Owners Christie and Craig Tokairin in the workshop area of ReVived Vintage in Qualicum Beach, BC.

Two things leap out at you when you approach the ReVived Vintage storefront in the QB shopping district on West Second Avenue: the eye-catching logo of Rosie-the-Riveter with a paint brush in her hand, based on the vintage Norman Rockwell painting entitled “We can do it!,” and the ever-present wrought-iron basket of large colourful wool balls for use in clothes dryers.

Step inside and you are enveloped in a warm, welcoming environment reminiscent of walking into Grandma’s house, circa 1970 or even earlier. All that’s missing is the aroma of fresh-baked apple pie.

“She’s the artist,” says Craig Tokairin smiling at his wife Christie. ReVived Vintage was established in 2009, and the shop in Qualicum Beach opened in 2012 after the couple moved to QB from Alberta.

The shop, long known as a hub for craft-minded people, particularly for the use of chalk paints to enhance vintage items for home decor, may surprise people who aren’t familiar with ReVived Vintage. It is both a workshop and a shop offering local arts and crafts and other handmade decor items.

In what could pass for the kitchen of Grandma’s house, a vintage wooden ironing board serves as a shelf display for Island-made soaps. Nearby, a dining table holds an exquisite handmade Moroccan basin. In what could be a vintage “front room” or parlour, distressed mirrored window frames hang on the wall alongside a mid-century side chair upholstered in a saffron hued fabric positioned beside a huge armoire.

Distressed window frames transformed into decorative mirrors for indoors and garden settings at ReVived Vintage, Qualicum Beach, BC.

Christie loves to reclaim or “reVive” furniture and other discarded household items. The couple restore old furniture, sometimes in a classic style, and sometimes in elaborate or whimsical designs.

Beeswax is used to seal the furniture, an environmentally-friendly practice, and one that adds a rich, honey aroma to the workshop.

ReVived Vintage offers restored furniture for sale, and does custom work on pieces that customers bring in.

“We also carry the works of about 25 Vancouver Island, BC and Canadian artists,” says Craig. These include stunning handmade, fair trade market baskets from Quebec, exceptionally fine soap bars from Hornby Island, teacup candles, and D.I.Y embroidery kits.

ReVived Vintage is located at 106 W. Second Avenue in Qualicum Beach, 250.927.1308.